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The PFLP is back in the headlines after a recent attack in Jerusalem, raising questions about the current relevance of the group

Ramzy Baroud

The international surge in condemnation of Israel’s treatment of Palestine, and Gaza in particular, underlines the growing impact of BDS

Omar Barghouti

Iran, the US and Israel all stand to gain from an agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme

Bryan R Gibson

With a salary of $150,000 a year, a generous pension plan, a diplomatic passport and a car - typically a Mercedes or a BMW - a new crop of unknowns is flocking to politics. The fresh blood, however, is unlikely to reboot the stalled system

Bill Law

Instead of spending money on elections that ring hollow, Bahrain would be better served if it managed to renegotiate a durable social contract and a political system based on inclusion

Toby Matthiesen

In typically delusional fashion, prominent New York Times columnist casts repressive emirate as a revolutionary force and model for the Arab world.

Belen Fernandez