Britain is all at sea on its own without a rudder or a compass. In effect it has no clear foreign policy and will take years to develop a new one. Like everyone else the Middle East will have to watch and wait.

Chris Doyle

Could the vote to leave the EU take us back to the dark days of the '70s, when racism was acceptable?

Tanushka Marah

Basmane is no longer a pit-stop for Syrian refugees: it's become a home

Heaven Crawley
Gokay Ozerim

As Bahrain's government continues crackdown on dissent, amid allied silence, Iran is throwing Bahraini Shias a punctured lifeboat

Sharif Nashashibi

I believe that the restoration of democracy and prosperity to Europe can make the entire continent a freer, better and more stable place

Peter Oborne

Two weeks since the disappearance of Sunni men from Anbar, it seems gangsterism continues to thrive in the ranks of Iraq's Shia militias

Nazli Tarzi

What we should seek to attain in the Muslim world is a neutral, non-interventionist state that manages differences within society

Soumaya Ghannoushi