The official Libya government joins the anti-AKP axis, banning Turkish firms, among the biggest foreign investors in the country

Ozan Serdaroglu

Will the Houthis realise they may be over-reaching and take a more consensual and conciliatory approach, or will they continue their crackdown in an all-or-nothing game?

Sharif Nashashibi

Revelations about the ‘sex-mad’ depravity of ISIS puts them on par with war crimes from Bosnia to Abu Ghraib

CJ Werleman

Like the farm-to-table production of Palestinian olives, journalists, editors and publishers are required to harvest stories and turn them into relevant news

Sam Bahour

Tunisia experienced a smoother transition than other 'Arab Spring' countries, but the state police apparatus continues to display an impulse for tyranny

Omar Belhaj Salah

The row over a ban on Iranians studying sanctions-related engineering and science harks back to the heyday of McCarthyism

Belen Fernandez