Saudi and Israel are once again painting Iran as an existential threat to draw the US back to the region. But is that really in America's interests?

Trita Parsi

If Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi offered the US president advice, man to man, what would he say? Amr Khalifa finds out in this satire

Amr Khalifa

Remember Bush and the move towards war on Iraq? After Trump's visit to the region, we should beware of a drive towards yet another war

Jonathan Steele

The reconciliation law will let those involved in corruption off the hook and pave the way to entrench a culture of impunity in Tunisia

Amna Guellali

Trying to secede right now is like trying to build a house in a hurricane - and ultimately, it's doubtful the Gulf countries will let it happen

Afrah Nasser

In the years Bowen has been ‘our man’, how is it that we still talk about the ‘Middle East’? Whose ‘Middle’ or ‘East’ is it? As with him, it is not ‘ours’

Arzu Merali