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The story of one protester who sought change in Cairo's Tahrir Square in 2011

Nadine Marroushi

Jails will continue to serve as incubators for dangerous social pathologies that can be exploited by sectarian factions when politically expedient

Belen Fernandez

For tens of thousands of disappeared Syrians, for all intents and purposes, they cease to exist, languishing in government detention

Edward Dark

The CIA hoped the Jeffrey Sterling trial would make 'Operation Merlin' look good, but CIA cables reveal a self-interest bureaucracy at work

Gareth Porter

New king Salman has moved rapidly to install allies from his Sudairi clan and begun shifts in policy but time is not on his side

David Hearst

Decades from now, the historians of Palestine/Israel will revisit these events and see their importance in achieving Palestinian freedom

Ghada Ageel