Oscar nominees are receiving free trips to Israel because Tel Aviv is feeling the pressure from the ever-growing BDS movement

Ryvka Barnard

Abandoned by the US, betrayed by Arab governments, shut out of Europe, Syrian refugees are an increasingly significant political fact

David Hearst

The West is retreating militarily and struggling economically, yet it still speaks as the lord and master of the fate of nations and continents

Soumaya Ghannoushi

As Saudi Arabia expresses readiness to send anti-ISIS troops, it remains committed to a unified Syria, free from Assad and Iran

Jamal Khashoggi

The main motivation behind the Geneva III talks was to get a deal irrespective of whether this deal was fair and sustainable

Galip Dalay

In Syria, as well as over other issues in the Middle East, the Obama administration no longer has the appetite to support the Arab revolution

Basheer Nafi

The US seeks to take advantage of shared American-Russian interests in fighting ISIS, downgrading the objective of Syrian regime change

Gareth Porter