An appetite for war is being primed by absolving America’s guilt over the social chaos it has wrought on the Middle East

CJ Werleman

Mass murder is fine as long we are the ones doing the killing to stop other people killing us

Nafeez Ahmed

We, as a Muslim community, are sick and tired of being put on trial every time a terrorist attack takes place anywhere in the world

Sana Al Yemen

The British prime minister has failed to make a convincing case for military involvement

Peter Oborne

Israel is fostering an environment of fear and widespread psychological trauma amongst the Palestinian population

Megan Hanna

I can only hope that the Syrian conflict might end like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – with the downfall of President Snow's regime

Dilly Hussain

Caught between the Saudi-led war machine and Saleh-Houthi aggression, the Yemeni people feel abandoned by the world

Afrah Nasser