Flynn's removal has been seen as a victory for US anti-Russia 'hawks' but this is a misreading of the situation

Dan Glazebrook

Israeli police were quick to portray an Israeli-Palestinian they killed as an IS-linked 'terrorist'. With the truth out, it's the police under fire

Meron Rapoport

When there is no right way to review the wrong laws, diversity in counter-terrorism or policing leadership doesn’t matter

Arzu Merali

Cancellation of Friends of Palestine event followed calls by pro-Israel groups for supporters to bombard universities with complaints

Ben White

Trump's cabinet would be comical if the consequences weren't so disturbing. Case and point: his new deputy assistant

CJ Werleman

The newspaper campaigned for alleged suicide bomber's release but now feigns fury over settlement for silencing the Guantanamo inmate

Richard Norton-Taylor

A final deal in Libya is impossible without Haftar, but so is one under the conditions he’s demanding. A way round must be found

Mattia Toaldo