As Turkey descends to increasing autocratic measures, those looking for democratic alternatives to Erdogan's rule will be bitterly disappointed

Simon A Waldman
Emre Caliskan

Uncertainty hangs over the funding of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the depths of its links with Bahrain

Peter Oborne

Merkel's endorsement this week for the ban is all about party politics and will pave the way for a regulation that violates human rights

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

They were undiplomatic, but the UK Foreign Secretary's comments in Rome also highlight a crisis plaguing the region since the Arab uprisings

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Released recordings show Trump's national security adviser is not only ignorant about the history of Islam and Arabs, but arrogant as well

Azzam Tamimi

This week a German bank announced that it is closing the account of a Jewish human rights organisation because it supports BDS. What's next?

Shir Hever

Tunisia is the only Arab Spring country still committed to democratising, but it needs help. Will the pledges made at Tunisia 2020 do the trick?

Intissar Kherigi