Young people are the protagonists in this rebellion. With every wave of protests they are building new grassroots structures of resistance

Jamal Juma

The Islamic State group is little more than the proxy bastard child of a New Cold War that looks set to escalate

Nafeez Ahmed

Hints that Erdogan might accept a role for Assad were quickly corrected, despite Turkey’s limited options for achieving any of its goals in Syria

Galip Dalay

At least a dozen local councils have taken steps to divest from companies engaged in Israeli human rights abuses. Now the government wants to stop this

Ryvka Barnard

Whether regarding Palestine, the Persian Gulf or Syria, Francois Hollande’s policies are shaped on a case-by-case basis and appear to lack a clear, overall vision

Didier Billion

Despite welcoming Russia’s military intervention in Syria, Iran is worried by the potential repercussions

Mahan Abedin