The death of a public prosecutor on Tuesday at the hands of Marxist guerrillas is a painful reminder that Turkey’s democracy faces a continuing challenge from the far left

David Barchard

Given logistical and strategic challenges, IS is not likely to attempt an invasion of Lebanon any time soon

Sami Moubayed

The regime could not have survived without widespread support among its own population, and not just among minorities

Edward Dark

It is heartening that so far, world leaders - including the US - are not buying his attempt to wriggle out of his offensive statements

Sharif Nashashibi

Land Day highlights Palestinians' identity and their political struggle for equality against oppression and discrimination

Dr Marwan Darweish

Iranian leaders have been embracing anti-American rhetoric, even while their diplomats negotiate a solution to the nuclear issue. Those chants are, surprisingly, a good sign

Kayvon Afshari and Michael Brooks