Ethnic and religious discrimination has become a constitutional value in the State of Israel. Is this Labour Party policy?

David Hearst

The all-encompassing media law recently passed by parliament is merely another facet of the regime's psychological warfare against democracy advocates

Rania Al Malky

Fakhravar has become the darling of the Fox News crowd, while opposition activists denounce him for peddling misinformation

Belen Fernandez

The international community must pressure Israel to end the siege, instead of applying temporary solutions

Mohsen Abu Ramadan

Somalia and its neighbours must focus on achieving internal unification, or any benefits reaped from new investment will be lost

Joseph Benzekri

The law is only the latest attempt to legislate discrimination against Palestinians

Ben White

Today, it is more important than ever to reflect on what should define the US: freedom, liberty and equality for all

Faisal Kutty