Initially encountering serious challenges, the energy cooperation ıs about to bring profound changes in the region

Ozan Serdaroglu

Israel prefers to dismiss the rumours of a possible resignation of the Palestinian president - because it has too much to lose from such a move

Meron Rapoport

Australia seems eager to bomb Iraq and Syria if that is what the United States wants

CJ Werleman

As Iran and the United Kingdom re-open their embassies amid much caution and ambivalence, there is tentative cause for optimism

Mahan Abedin

'Tyrant' reflects the mind-numbing propaganda fed to Americans when sugar-coating the country’s failing Middle East foreign policy

Dilly Hussain

A good cop/bad cop routine by the US and Israel was in fact a strategy to get crippling sanctions against Iran approved by the UN Security Council

Gareth Porter