It is not known whether Russia will use its veto to block an Egypt-backed Security Council proposal for a seven-day truce


Castro fought the liberal values of the capitalist system until his death. The recent rise of nationalist challenges to liberalism prove his point

Basheer Nafi

Israeli officials know the bill, which would retroactively legalise settlements on Palestinian land, violates international law

Jihad Abu Raya

Sustained international pressure on Israel is working and must be expanded in the coming year

Ben White

Turkey’s climbdown against Damascus indicates Russia is calling the shots and keeping two hostile states from fighting

Haid Haid

Campaigners say 'journalism is not a crime' in Egypt, but the real crime is how state propaganda has become a stand-in for actual journalism

Amr Khalifa

The Ain al-Hilweh wall would be just one more punitive measure capping decades of discrimination against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Belen Fernandez

IS runs them, Russia and the Coalition bomb them, together wreaking havoc in Syria’s oil fields, exposing thousands to life-threatening pollution

Kieran Cooke