The data supports Putin's assertion that the shoot-down was prepared in advance due to Russian bombing of Turkey-linked rebels in Syria

Gareth Porter

If a prominent journalist like Can Dundar can be sent to jail and dubbed a terrorist and a spy for practising journalism, can anyone be safe?

Alev Yaman

The time has come to recognise today as a day of solidarity with indigenous peoples and the indigeneity of the Palestinian struggle

Ahmad Moussa

It is essential that we have a realistic picture of those the West is supporting or plan to support in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria

Ian Sinclair

As Russia and Iran become ever closer, Britain’s relationship with Saudi Arabia can and should be defended in the strongest terms

Chris Lynch

While the Israeli premier depicts all Palestinian violence as anti-Semitic, his security apparatus has expressed opposite views

Meron Rapoport

British Muslims are the same as every other British citizen, and the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper should stop saying that they aren’t

Rabah Kherbane