Turkey seems to be seriously mulling sending troops into Syria, but will they fight IS or the Kurds, or is the whole thing just more sabre-rattling?

David Barchard

Tunisia must stand up to authorities eroding civil liberties, if the Arab Spring's best hope is to keep its light alive

Jonathan Steele

It was a Western backed authoritarian government in Tunisia that suppressed Islam and aided the rise of groups such as the Islamic State

Moazzam Begg

Celebrity chef Bourdain missed the mark in a recent visit to Beirut, describing it as a ‘Rumsfeldian dream’ of a Middle Eastern city

Belen Fernandez

The former Grand Mufti and other religious scholars have played no small role in offering support for Egypt's military regimes

Mohamad Elmasry

With a fast approaching deadline, Ayatollah Khamenei moves to buttress his status as the most decisive actor in the nuclear negotiations

Mahan Abedin