The Iranian regional project is no longer just a geopolitical project but an ideological one too

Basheer Nafi

Doesn’t President Hadi’s dismissal of prime minister Bahah without consulting parliament render him and his government illegitimate?

Nawal Al-Maghafi

I’m a Zionist, but not at any price. To ask for equal rights for all who live on the land cannot be branded anti-Semitic

Yossef Rapoport

The British PM's allegation that Gani is an IS supporter was a partisan ploy designed to gain votes for Zac Goldsmith in the London elections

Peter Oborne

The Palestinian cause is not about the Islamic State's narrative nor about an alleged Palestinian 'love of death' - as Israel's far-right claims

Samar Batrawi

Iran’s decision not to freeze oil production and plans to extend gas exports creates serious problems in Moscow’s relationship with Tehran

Dmitry Shlapentokh

Israeli policy has devastating effects on Palestinian childrens' psychological well-being, inhibiting their ability to lead normal lives

Gregory Shupak