Citizenship removal for British aid workers in Syria reminds me how the lessons of the Bosnia war haven’t been learned

Moazzam Begg

The international community left Bosnia to endure the consequences of the 'temporary' solution that has ossified into a permanent one

Ismail Cidic

Syria's sieges cannot be solved with aid drops alone. It would need determination and political bravery to confront the greatest humanitarian crisis of our age

James Snell

Trump's peace plan will be highly favourable to Israel and dismissive of the Palestinians

Richard Silverstein

The Yemen set drama told the story of the British soldiers and their wives in the last years of British rule, but its Arab characters did not really get a look in

Tanushka Marah

It may not take the Saudis long before they see the Israeli flag hoisted on a rooftop in Riyadh

Azzam Tamimi

The rise of Trump could unravel the positive effects of US 'soft power' in the Arab world, undermining decades of work through bullying bombast

Zeina Azzam