Mesut Torun rejects allegations of links between IS and Baath Party and says battle of Mosul is 'war of liberation' against Iran, US


The Trump administration may recognise that the Syrian army is the only institution committed to resisting terrorism in its country

Gareth Porter

No matter how big your victory happens to be, you cannot afford to clash with your country's norms, values and interests

Basheer Nafi

Trump is not just America's greatest nightmare, but the result of conditions created by Obama, Clinton, Blair and Cameron

David Hearst

The Hill's opinion piece attacking the film star for her alleged conversion to Islam shows just how mainstream Islamophobia has become

Belen Fernandez

Obama may have delivered on some of his domestic policies, but in the eight years of his presidency what has he really done for the Middle East?

CJ Werleman

Tunisia’s democratic transition released repressed extremist sentiments. But it also might tackle extremism's deeper sources

Tarek Kahlaoui

Perhaps if he hadn’t made promises he couldn't keep to millions in the Arab world, the anti-climax would not have been so disappointing

Rania Al Malky