R2P simply will not work in Gaza, for R2P advocates narrate the populations purportedly being rescued as defenceless

Gregory Shupak

Al-Aqsa is at the heart of tensions in Jerusalem that promise to get worse in the wake of Wednesday’s incident in which a three-month-old girl was killed

Meron Rapoport

The Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is showing himself to be a skilful battlefield strategist making gains in Iraq as the allied bombing campaign shifts to the defence of Kobane

Bill Law

Fearmongering hysteria on the State Department website serves to distract from the fact that the US prefers to spend its money on wars

Belen Fernandez

The similarities between the rise of Yemen’s Houthis and that of Hezbollah are striking, but the Houthis’ territorial ambitions may prove their undoing

Shane Farrell

A Hanounite woman sits on a rock in the middle of what once was a home that contained dreams, hopes, and desires! My ghost wipes her tears and weeps along with her

Haidar Eid