Just as Byron supported the Greek independence fight, Kurdish militiamen are mistakenly embraced by the West today - but at what cost

Ali Murat Yel

Wahabism has entered the mainstream discourse, a new convenient label you can place on anyone you don't like from the Middle East

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha

France, Britain and Russia have for centuries used the minorities of the Middle East as an excuse to dominate the region

Basheer Nafi

Western policymakers need to abandon the fantasy that both Assad and the jihadis will be defeated simultaneously in Syria, and work with Russia

Jonathan Steele

Recent regime advances across Syria demonstrate Assad's complete dependence on Russian air strikes and foreign Shia militias

Lara Nelson

The blame game over civilian casualties in besieged cities in Turkey’s predominantly Kurdish southeast certainly look set to continue

Alev Yaman

More than 16,000 Jewish Americans return from Israel each year equipped with the latest and greatest pro-Israel talking points

CJ Werleman