The state's inability to protect Copts, its imprisonment of Brotherhood members and now its willingness to ship Uyghers back to China prove that Egypt has officially plunged into a black hole of intolerance

Rania Al Malky

Israeli politicians could have seen that the new security measures at Al-Aqsa would fuel violence; instead, they played internal politics. They may not be able to put the lid back on the jar

Gideon Levy

Many Tunisian civil society leaders fear the passage of two controversial laws in coming days will undermine the country's anti-corruption drive – and its fledgling democracy

Monica Marks

Iran exerts considerable economic and political influence in Afghanistan and its cooperation is essential if the US wishes to end a 16-year war

Rupert Stone

More questions should be asked - especially by Democrats - about how Saudi investment in American infrastructure may be influencing the Trump administration

Alastair Sloan

While Palestinians struggle for survival, arms companies are making a killing with investments from UK banks and financial institutions

Ryvka Barnard

The new security procedures at Haram al-Sharif violate agreements between Jordan and Israel, can't prevent a repeat of last Friday's attack and further fuel outrage

Richard Silverstein

The Arab League's silence over the Gulf crisis and inability to keep the GCC from splitting reflects a post-WWI regional order in its final throes

Basheer Nafi

The continuation of the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, especially as it has degenerated into a war of attrition, is puzzling unless you consider these psycho-political factors

Maysam Behravesh

Terror tourism is all the rage in the occupied West Bank - as Israel turns its vast experience in occupation and war to entertainment propaganda for gung-ho visitors

Belen Fernandez