Years before his recent grandstanding in Congress, Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders conjured a threat where one previously didn’t exist

Gareth Porter

The arrests of three men in Brooklyn on terrorism conspiracy charges is just the latest FBI-generated plot using paid informants

Belen Fernandez

A new report says the nation’s mental health conditions are increasingly tipped over the edge because of war, trauma and lack of resources

Dr Mohammad Sakhnini

The ‘enemy’ is not trying to destroy us, it just wants the West to leave Muslim lands - but our leaders support war because the profit system requires it

William T. Hathaway

The longer a successful ceasefire takes hold, the more difficult it will be to return to war, especially an unpopular civil war as in Syria

Edward Dark

In Benjamin Netanyahu's address to US congress, Iran has its sights on securing a better deal from the US

Mahan Abedin

Yesteryear’s intellectual in today’s intellectual landscape seems to be lacking in this period of seismic historical transition, but it will eventually yield an intellectual capable of brilliance

Ramzy Baroud

Ahead of Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress, there is evidence that the Southern Cone has again become a stage for the long-standing confrontation between Iran and Israel

Massimo Di Ricco

For years, Israel’s Palestinian minority has been outside the political game. The Joint List is poised to change the rules.

Meron Rapoport

To fight jihadism, Islamophobia needs to be curbed, something that many world leaders have spoken publicly about. But Harper has remained silent, at least on that aspect of jihadism

Mersiha Gadzo