With the project to dam the Blue Nile nearly finished, Egypt's government appears to have switched on too late to potential problems downstream

Kieran Cooke

Moroccans call on their government to tolerate 'zero physical assault'. But in order to achieve that, the country must have 'zero inequality'

Saad Guerraoui

Do Russia and the US-led coalition have the legal right to be military involved in the Syrian civil war under international law?

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

The coup attempt not only targeted Turkey but was meant to put an end to the dynamic of democratic change in the region as a whole

Basheer Nafi

Palestine solidarity movements in Lebanon have stagnated. They must resist the establishment's interference, listen to local Palestinian voices

Kareem Chehayeb

Allegations of complicity in 2002 riots that saw some 2,000 Muslims killed belie Modi's efforts to present himself as a moderate statesman

Peter Speetjens

Morocco needs to preserve the environment by starting to clean up its own backyard before cleaning up that of others

Saad Guerraoui

An attack almost every day, not just in Iraq or Syria but in France and Germany. The West can't wage endless war and expect to remain safe

Joe Gill

This study shows that Islamophobia on Facebook is much more prevalent than previously thought - inflaming religious and racial hate

Imran Awan

To describe the BDS movement as 'defeated' – either in 'many areas' or entirely – is laughable

Ben White