Questions about the potential departure of Mahmoud Abbas go wider than a succession battle and the malaise is bigger than one man

Ben White

The Labour leadership frontrunner comes from a rich tradition of British dissenters from left and right, from William Cobbett to Thomas Paine

Peter Oborne

The Chinese economic crash has awoken Saudi Arabia to the reality that domestic reforms must be made to protect the kingdom's future

Salah Khashoggi

Well-supported Iranian commentators in US peddle misinformation and distortions with little heed to how that helps ordinary compatriots still in Iran

Muhammad Sahimi

Polls on 1 November will either install an AK Party-led single party government or necessitate a new culture of compromise

Galip Dalay

Terminology applied to people making irregular border crossings varies across time and place, generally to suit those setting the rules

Natalia Paszkiewicz

Palestinians in Gaza live in the 'world's largest open-air prison' and exist more or less in a permanent state of traumatic stress

Belen Fernandez

The Supreme Leader may still condemn the US, but a media mouthpiece is not always his master’s voice

Shahir Shahidsaless

The brutal reaction to the ‘You Stink’ protest shows the government knows the anger goes far beyond an inadequate rubbish-disposal system

Lina Khatib

Plan to pardon the corrupt will pay off political sponsors and produce a quick-fix for economic ills while mocking justice

Omar Belhaj Salah