Modest checkpoint recreation, made from chicken wire to 'explore aspects of human rights', labelled as 'antisemitic' by Israeli cheerleaders

Ben White

With Israel voted onto the UN's legal committee with Arab support, Palestinians have been abandoned again by the international community

Ahmed al-Burai

It’s one thing to help a cause and quite another to grandstand as ‘humanitarians’ while making little material difference – or worse

Matthew Ayton

As tensions rise between the two regional powers, their capacity to avoid direct clashes is growing weaker

Mahan Abedin

Was the first ever US strike against Syrian government forces an intentional hit by the Pentagon to block military cooperation with Russia?

Gareth Porter

Reopening the impoverished neighbourhood's 'garbage mountain' is a YouStink solution for profiteers only, not people or the environment

Kareem Chehayeb

The Coptic church’s blind support of Sisi, on display outside the UN, is a mistake that ignores Egypt’s recent past and sows the seeds of strife

Amr Khalifa

With so many competing powers and parties involved more than five years on, the Syria war risks leaving the country entirely dismembered

Mona Alami

The question is not if Sisi can fight on through the miasma of doubt which surrounds him, but who will replace him

David Hearst

UK MPs hit Cameron hard on Libya in a report last week, but in France, no inquiry has been held despite mistakes that should have been learned

Richard Labévière