Europeans should ask themselves about their moral and legal obligations to migrants and the countries that are currently hosting them

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

The Syrian conflict brought Russia and Iran together, but finding a solution to the war could drive them apart

Haid Haid

Protests by normally loyal groups are coalescing as evidence of criticism of the Israeli authorities from unexpected places

Michal Zak

On the sixth anniversary of the 25 January uprising, there are political, economic and social signs that Egypt faces collapse

Amr Khalifa

December's vote on UN resolutions indicated President Barack Obama's frustration with Israel’s political games

Tom Moerenhout

No matter how big your victory happens to be, you cannot afford to clash with your country's norms, values and interests

Basheer Nafi

Perhaps if he hadn’t made promises he couldn't keep to millions in the Arab world, the anti-climax would not have been so disappointing

Rania Al Malky

The Trump administration may recognise that the Syrian army is the only institution committed to resisting terrorism in its country

Gareth Porter

Tunisia’s democratic transition released repressed extremist sentiments. But it also might tackle extremism's deeper sources

Tarek Kahlaoui

Tunisia has done well to weather the turbulence of the past six years - where does it go from here?

Soumaya Ghannoushi