The Zionist lobby has gone to great lengths to shut down debate on Israel’s history and its present policies

Hilary Wise

Israel presented a stark choice before the 40,000 asylum seekers living in Tel Aviv: return to Africa or face prison. So far, they're not leaving

Meron Rapoport

There are two conflicts in Yemen: an internal power struggle and another fight over who should lead the Sunni Arab world

David Hearst

Iran's supreme leader has taken a position of 'neither for nor against' for the final period of bargaining on nuclear talks before 30 June

Shahir Shahidsaless

A Fox News story on 'terrorist' training camps in Mauritania contains factual errors and cites questionable sources

Jeremy Keenan

A group of women have launched launched a provocative campaign with the slogan "No voice, no vote" to support the needs of Orthodox Jewish women in Israel

Michal Zak

The people of Iran are keenly aware that security and peace are the prerequisites for building democracy and respect for human rights

Akbar Ganji

An overwhelming majority of Europeans fighting for IS are being recruited from the most hyper-secular state on the continent: France

CJ Werleman

Only by reducing 1.6 billion people to caricatures and ignoring centuries of western violence can Hirsi Ali's new book Heretic justify her theory that Islam is 'a destructive, nihilistic cult of death'

Susan Abulhawa

The self-exiled Yemeni president supports a Saudi-led bombing campaign that is destroying the country that he betrayed and then fled

Hossain al-Bokheiti