The way to protect children from human traffickers isn't to neglect the ones already in Europe but to establish legal asylum routes for others

Mat Nashed

The decision by the Tehran police force to deploy 7,000 undercover morality police is partly aimed at applying pressure on Rouhani's camp

Mahan Abedin

The Syrian people shouldn't be told they must choose between the cruel totalitarianism of the Baath party and the IS militant group

Matthew Ayton

Anti-Semitism is a problem. But the real problem here lies with how it is defined, misused and then grossly abused to attack political opponents

Charles B. Anthony

The UK government is not only guilty of silent complicity, it is actively suppressing BDS - a global grassroots movement calling for justice

Ryvka Barnard

Defeating the PKK should not be seen as the end of the road in Turkey

Basheer Nafi

Israeli settlements are deploying 'zealous hospitality' as a means of fighting back against international criticism of their illegal status

Belen Fernandez

As we celebrate an overdue awareness of the plight of the Palestinians, we need to be cautious not to suggest that any Israeli assault is justified

Nada Elia

The architect – who was born in the Iraqi city of Mosul - left us with a rich, multifaceted experience that future generations will re-discover

Hossam Shaker

If the British prime minister gets away with his behaviour, no one in Britain will have any protection from politically motivated calumny

Peter Oborne