In Syria's war of all against all, Washington appears torn between fighting militant Islam and concern over hegemonic challenge posed by Moscow

Shahir Shahidsaless

Leaked documents exposing abuse in island detention centres did not even make front pages. What will it take to make more Australians care?

Madeleine Miller

Fettullah Gulen has used his years in the US to build a terror organisation crossing continents. It's time he answered for his crimes

Taha Ozhan

Sewage clogs Gaza's beaches, pollutes its water and sickens its people. With no infrastructure, there is a desperate need to take action

Kieran Cooke

Turkey has been forced to change its priorities in Syria as it has become increasingly clear regime change is an unrealistic goal

Lina Khatib

US should withhold military aid until Israel recognises Palestinian sovereignty

Sam Bahour

The suicide bombing in Gaziantep is one manifestation of a complex and brutal war that Turkey is now confronting with military force

David Barchard

It took two hours for the White House to issue an unambiguous statement mentioning democracy and the rule of law after the 15 July coup

David Hearst

How do you stop those in prison from coming out and reoffending?

Imran Awan

The coup failed because the Turkish people acted like true Jedi Knights of democracy, resisting the tanks and bullets of Gulen’s Hizmet Army

Ertan Aydin