Amid the scramble for Kurdistan’s oil and gas wealth, the US and UK are tied to Kurdish and Turkish institutions accused of facilitating IS oil sales

Nafeez Ahmed

As Israel continues to boycott the very idea of a Palestinian people, a fan club has formed to legitimise the barbarity - Matteo Renzi, for one, deserves his own boycott

Belen Fernandez

The rise of political Islam is closely linked to the birth of the modern state in Muslim societies and the exclusion of religion from the public space

Basheer Nafi

President Bashir is continuing his genocidal policies in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states - the US must act to end this campaign

Ahmed Hussain Adam

A decades-old Israeli plan to divide the surrounding Arab states into weak sectarian dependencies seems to be coming to pass

Roger Van Zwanenberg

Why did the UK and other European states vote to deny a Palestinian human rights group advisory status to the UN?

Sarah Marusek and David Miller

Sisi's mandate has sapped all elements of the democratic process of meaning and the much-anticipated House of Representatives is no exception

Rania Al Malky

There is great potential for increasing trade between Egypt and Iran, two Middle Eastern powerhouses

Eman El Sherbiny and David Wood

Turkey’s leaders have painted themselves into a corner over the Kurdish conflict, a situation from which only the extremists can benefit

David Barchard

Which model do we prefer as a country: the Israeli national security state or a nation under laws?

Richard Silverstein