Israel is fostering an environment of fear and widespread psychological trauma amongst the Palestinian population

Megan Hanna

I can only hope that the Syrian conflict might end like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – with the downfall of President Snow's regime

Dilly Hussain

Caught between the Saudi-led war machine and Saleh-Houthi aggression, the Yemeni people feel abandoned by the world

Afrah Nasser

Any steps taken by Putin and Erdogan in immediate term will be aimed at playing up to their domestic audiences, but cool heads will later prevail

Sharif Nashashibi

Muslim terrorists are not only defying Islamic teaching with regards to the sanctity of life, they are also prone to other vices banned in Islam

Tallha Abdulrazaq

A consummate politician, Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al Thani broke cover about the Syria war, Yemen, Israel and the 2022 World Cup

Bill Law

The downing of a Russian jet by Turkey is but one result of the stupidity of intervention in Syria. Britain could not pick a worse time to enter

David Hearst

Egypt is on a reckless path that will end in it falling apart unless it can change course very soon

Mustafa Salama

Iran and the Arab states of the counter-revolution have wreaked havoc, death and destruction - giving way to brutal groups like ISIS

Basheer Nafi

For countries that already have strong xenophobic traditions, the recent terror attacks in Paris will only serve as an excuse to solidify them

Belen Fernandez