The international community’s policy over decades has only provided impunity for Israel to continue its colonisation of the occupied territories

Kamel Hawwash

While I was special rapporteur for Palestine, you chose to attack me in public on several occasions. Now Israel has turned its fire on you

Richard Falk

Mubarak had a solid foundation upon which to build his political empire. Sisi stands on shifting sands with only the military to lean on

Emily Crane Linn

The good times for expats in the Gulf, who for decades have lived tax-free and hugely subsidised lives, may well and truly be over

Bill Law

For many states, aid to Syrians is less about finding a long term solution to the crisis and more about keeping Syrians out of Europe

Myriam Francois

Only Saudi Arabia appears firm in its resolve to maintain production and brutally test the economic robustness of its major competitors

James Henderson

While dams should in theory help increase Lebanon’s water supply and generate electricity, there’s more to the situation than meets the eye

Marwan El Solh

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has taken a leaf right out of Israel's book of diversionary negotiating tactics - all process and no peace

Sharif Nashashibi

Rouhani's diplo-financial offensive in Europe will definitely pay off soon and turn Iran into a tourism, investment and business attraction

Kourosh Ziabari

When local militants groups become Islamic State franchises, regimes can reframe their authoritarian politics as part of an inevitable war

Lars Hauch