Even before Lieberman’s appointment, Israel did not hesitate to use criminal means against Palestinians

Tom Mehager

Building new prisons is the only business that Sisi’s regime perfects. Since the military coup, Sisi has built dozens of prisons to bury Egyptians alive

Ahmed al-Burai

Sections of the British public are ignorant of Turkey’s real condition and its contribution to European stability

David Barchard

Khan has courted Israel at the expense of the Palestinians, of whose cause his London voters have been increasingly supportive

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha

If Iranians do not perceptibly feel the impact of sanctions relief, the hardliners can easily manipulate next year’s vote to unseat Rouhani

Kourosh Ziabari

The history of the peoples of the new Middle East was subject to falsification. It is time to rebuild awareness of what actually took place

Basheer Nafi

The women at a hotel in Turkey who had my wife thrown out of the swimming pool were as intimidating and coercive as religious fanatics

Faisal Kutty

Replacing Ya'alon with Lieberman is another step in efforts by Israel’s new right-wing political elite to take over the state

Meron Rapoport

Israel certainly knows the concept of fair play, but that is far from evident in the numerous nefarious ways it obtains land from Palestinians

Kamel Hawwash

Because of their tragic familiarity with terrorism, people in the Middle East are more generous with their responses to terrorism in the West

Aldo Zammit Borda