Iran would not appreciate Scotland gaining independence as it may well set a precedent for other separatist causes around the world

Mahan Abedin

In some ways, the US president’s threats to IS and promises of retaliation are strengthening the group, rather than weakening it

Sharif Nashashibi

As the Islamic State advances throughout Iraq and Syria, calls for the US to arm rebel factions, once again, spike

Glen Johnson

Following the international condemnation of this summer’s war on Gaza, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement has grown in strength – so much so that Israel can no longer pretend that it does not exist

Shir Hever

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi clerics played a huge part in the growth of Islamic State, but now the extremist group’s actions are causing concern among the House of Saud

Catherine Shakdam

France’s President François Hollande is using his foreign dealings in the Middle East and North Africa to draw attention away from his domestic failings, writes Nabila Ramdani

Nabila Ramdani

If the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan failed to achieve any long term political objectives, Obama’s chances of success now are close to nil

Ramzy Baroud

Absence of Western demands to protect Gaza's citizens contrasts with outcry over Libya when conditions were far less distressing

Gregory Shupak

Turkey cannot take strong moves against IS without endangering the lives of 49 Turkish nationals being held captive in Mosul

David Barchard

43 veterans from Unit 8200, the top unit of Israeli intelligence, testify how they use information to blackmail Palestinians

Meron Rapoport