Ideologically opposed, are Sisi and Bashir now using each other to legitimise their own regional and national interests?

Amna Bagadi

Al-Aqsa mosque is the third most-holiest site in Islam, but Jewish settlers have more rights to access the house of worship then Palestinian Muslims

Ismail Patel

For Lebanese officials, the utility of hyping the Syrian bogeyman is undeniable - providing as a distraction from the state’s own transgressions vis-a-vis its citizenry

Belen Fernandez

An international safe zone in Syria would be a major setback for President Assad but is unacceptable to the US

David Barchard

Only when Britain completely ends its support of Israel and financing of its occupation, and works to correct the injustice it imposed on the Palestinians a century ago, can one consider that a real change in British policies is taking hold

Ramzy Baroud

Does the Palestinian background of community activist leader Rasmea Odeh make her trial too politically loaded to be a fair one?

Victoria Brittain

The celebrated Palestinian scholar advocated for a nation that would preserve both Jewish, Palestinian, and all other diverse cultures in between

Ibrahim Halawi

To expect Turkey to risk its troops getting mired in Syria is to ignore Ankara's strategic considerations and national interest

Sharif Nashashibi

After years of strict siege on Gaza, is Israel’s sudden intent to ease conditions merely rhetoric or a real change of heart?

Meron Rapoport

America invests more money in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world, but Americans - including elected officials - remain wilfully ignorant of the region

CJ Werleman