The Arab left would have survived had it been predicated on strong social platforms but wishful thinking alone will hardly revive the socialist tide in the Arab world

Ramzy Baroud

Overcrowding, corruption and sectarianism lie behind the latest drama at Roumieh jail, from where Sunni militants have directed attacks in Lebanon and Syria

Belen Fernandez

With the Der Spiegel revelations of how the Iraqi Baathists plotted the rise of Isis, it’s clear regional conflicts are about politics, not Islam

CJ Werleman

National chauvinism led to the extermination of countless Armenians. A hundred years later, it continues to erase their past as well

Micah Reddy

Yemen will still face water shortages, separatist movements, al-Qaeda militants and an ousted president when Saudi Arabia ends its offensive

Tom Finn

Claims Iran is supplying the Houthis with weapons ignore the fact the group was already flush with American arms from ex-president Saleh

Gareth Porter

Every state has a right to define itself, but not deceptively: not if it is deceiving itself, its citizens and the rest of the world

Gideon Levy

What began as a military adventure for Mohammed, son of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and the world’s youngest minister of defence, is turning into a major fiasco

Bill Law

Will a Lausanne accord bring about any change in the attitude of the Islamic Republic - more precisely its hardliners - toward the US?

Muhammad Sahimi

IS's multi-divisional organisation allows it to maximise its ability to conduct operations, erode rival state institutions and power and establish its own form of governance

Abe Jimenez