Rather like the anti-Jewish hysteria of a century ago, Europe is being whipped up by opportunistic politicians against minorities

Hossam Shaker

How shameful is it that a famine is unfolding here in a region surrounded by some of the world’s richest countries

Afrah Nasser

Trump is against military intervention in the Middle East, while Clinton is a militarist neocon - both support Israel

Richard Falk

Senior Obama administration officials were aware from 2012 that a war to overthrow Assad would inevitably become a sectarian bloodbath

Gareth Porter

The inability of many leftists to see past outdated narratives on Syria has galvanised the rise of reactionary nativism in the West

Joey Ayoub

As successful as the Liberals have been in shifting rhetoric away from anti-Muslim themes, Canada's reality remains much the same

Steven Zhou

The country has its fifth government in five years – but will this one have more success than the others in pushing through reforms?

Intissar Kherigi

A peace deal would mean an improved geostrategic and economic outlook, and a much brighter future for all countries in the region

Michal Yaari

The self-styled caliphate may be shedding territory in Syria, Iraq and Libya, but new political, security, humanitarian challenges loom large

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

In Syria's war of all against all, Washington appears torn between fighting militant Islam and concern over hegemonic challenge posed by Moscow

Shahir Shahidsaless