It took several rapid changes in the balance of power to bring Syria crisis to this turning point. Now the hard work begins.

Basheer Nafi

British government is yet to come clean about role in abductions and torture during 'War on Terror' but ruling is a step in the right direction

Moazzam Begg

The UK's collective silence and support for Bahrain's regime condones tyranny and allows a lone oasis of independent journalism to be crushed

Bill Law

The proposed changes will put the power of Turkey's legislative, executive and judicial powers all into the hands of one person

Muharrem Erkek

The summit in Paris only reinforced the patronising attitude of the international community in ignoring Palestinian voices and pushing a dead two-state solution

Mariam Barghouti

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is the source of all corruption in Israel to which no other crime is comparable

Gideon Levy

Only international protection can stop the systematic discrimination that has left Palestinians unable to guarantee the roofs over their heads

Jihad Abu Raya

British governments over the last 20 years have tacitly supported the increasingly extreme nationalist policies of right-wing Israeli governments

Antony Lerman

The manufactured crisis was weaponised against Jeremy Corbyn and pro-Palestinian activists to stifle any criticism of Israel

Ben White

The fall of Aleppo on the sixth anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring reminds us how tyranny has triumphed over the hope of 2011

Ibrahim Fraihat