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The US is shoring up its position by maintaining ties with rulers rather than peoples, many of whom resent foreign involvement in their countries

Sharif Nashashibi

While Israel strives to hamper the two-state solution, the West is giving the clear message that a Palestinian state is both viable and desirable

Rachel Shabi

The sufferers of “superpower syndrome” are trapped by the notion that violence is the antidote to violence

CJ Werleman

Evidence mounts pointing to the Mossad as the source of dubious claims about Iran’s uranium enrichment program contained in the “laptop documents”

Gareth Porter

Discussing social media may seem out of place, but the sentiment behind #illridewithyou is about the most compassionate thing to come from this tragedy

Fiona Broom

As efforts towards EU membership drag on for decades, EU members cite human rights issues and Cyprus dispute hampering progress

David Barchard

European parliamentary resolutions urging their governments to recognise the State of Palestine must be followed by actual recognitions of the State of Palestine

John V Whitbeck

The Arab Spring trajectory offers a curious lesson: even revolutionary movements aiming for democracy must forge alliances with reformist elements of toppled dictatorships to succeed

Jason Pack and Brian Klaas

The assassination of Ziad Abu Ein must trigger a new phase in the Palestinian political agenda that confronts the Israeli occupation and apartheid project head on

Jamal Juma

To defeat ISIS we must study lessons in recent history, apply a drastic change of direction and do some serious soul-searching in our own role in fostering the instability that incubates extremism

Nafeez Ahmed