The prime minister's government has appeared grudging, not welcoming. Cameron is following public opinion, not leading it

Chris Doyle

Dip below the line on the Daily Mail to find the views of those who fully agree with David Cameron's reluctance to accept more refugees

Joe Gill

Allegations are that skewed assessments of the fight against Islamic State may be reaching the White House

Peter Van Buren

The AKP must reflect on the strategic mistakes it made in its last election campaign - or consign Turkey to prolonged political instability

Basheer Nafi

While the language may seem anachronistic, the statement clarifies the role of US imperialism in past and current catastrophes

Ghada Ageel

The accusation that Iran was behind the Saudi bombing soured relations between the Clinton administration and Tehran for years to come

Shahir Shahidsaless

It was not an easy decision to share a brutal image of a drowned child, but I care about these children as much as my own

Peter Bouckaert

Journalists throughout the Arab world are facing similar injustices as the Al Jazeera 3 in Egypt but gain nowhere near the same level of concern

Sharif Nashashibi

What was in it for Tony Blair when he conducted talks with Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal in Doha?

David Hearst

Activism via BDS is a real alternative to the see-no-evil posturing of governments when it comes to Israel and the ‘peace process’

Richard Falk