Sunnis are now worse off than ever before, and the rest of the Iraqi people along with them

Tallha Abdulrazaq

Unless the strife in Mali is curbed, there is potential to exacerbate the situation in Libya and the tensions in other neighbouring states

Jeremy Keenan

The very appearance of PFA’s proposal on FIFA’s Congress agenda has been a major victory for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, taking the message to a vast new audience

Kenneth Fryde

Despite what the Israeli government says, the US nuclear agreement with Iran has not put Israel in danger

Shir Hever

This once tolerant, secular, multi-confessional nation will soon become home to two of the world’s most violently fanatical statelets

Edward Dark

It may appear that the revolution of 2011 has come to a dead-end, but social activism in Egypt is a genie that is well and truly out of the bottle

Shahira Amin

The current Gaza-West Bank unity government and reconciliation agreement were designed and destined, like past ones, to end in failure

Ghada Ageel

As Europe struggles to find solutions to migrants fleeing war from North Africa and the Middle East, the original ‘boat people’ of Burma are being brutalised

Ramzy Baroud

A source in the Saudi royal family has told Middle East Eye that Riyadh and Doha are funding an al-Qaeda affiliate fighting in Syria

Gareth Porter

We need a transformation, and it needs to cut across the Muslim and Western worlds, together

Nafeez Ahmed