Likud canvassers reportedly warned voters that Israel would be forced to take orders from 'Hussein Obama' if Netanyahu was not reelected

Richard Silverstein

The Saudi-led intervention in Yemen puts pressure on Iran to commit significant resources to a conflict which it cannot decisively influence

Mahan Abedin

The brutal ‘Islamic State’ is a symptom of a deepening crisis of civilisation premised on fossil fuel addiction, which is undermining Western hegemony and unravelling state power across the Muslim world

Nafeez Ahmed

Algerian seeks to avoid the military option favoured by France, Egypt, the UAE and Italy, which could upset the first inter-Libyan talks held in Algiers

Laurence Aïda Ammour

President Erdogan’s forceful backing for Saudi intervention in Yemen may help repair Turkey’s relations with Arab countries but threatens to create new tension with Iran

David Barchard

The US and its allies have made no effort in hiding their intention to maintain the “sanctions architecture” in place for many years after a nuclear agreement

Gareth Porter

It’s time for Palestinians to surmount ideological, factional and political divides, for no matter how deep divisions are - Palestine is, should and will always be one

Ramzy Baroud

The UK refused to grant Hussain Jawad asylum and now he is in a Bahraini prison due to his human rights activism

Asma Darwish

Netanyahu can easily form a solid right-wing government, but the fear of international pressure might dictate a different outcome

Meron Rapoport

Talks in Morocco are held in the shadow of military offensives led by General Haftar and his foreign backers who want to impose peace by force

Mattia Toaldo