Yemen once had some of the world's most sophisticated water conservation techniques. Now, taps run dry and disease is on the rise

Kieran Cooke

At the height of mutual tension between Ankara and Washington, will relations improve with a US delegation visit to Turkey this week?

David Barchard

Cartoon controversies are emblematic of larger dilemmas faced by Muslim communities - but here's another way to think about them

Farhad Mirza

Abbas left many disappointed with his uninspiring speech, while Netanyahu claimed he wanted to talk to Abbas, but his isolation was clear

Kamel Hawwash

Five years on, Syria is no longer a conflict that can be solved with negotiations among powers that lack the will in the first place

Bilal Abdul Kareem

An ex-general's testimony that Palestinians suspected of terrorism must be killed, threat or not, could finally nail the myth of Israel's moral army

Meron Rapoport

It’s one thing to help a cause and quite another to grandstand as ‘humanitarians’ while making little material difference – or worse

Matthew Ayton

As tensions rise between the two regional powers, their capacity to avoid direct clashes is growing weaker

Mahan Abedin

Modest checkpoint recreation, made from chicken wire to 'explore aspects of human rights', labelled as 'antisemitic' by Israeli cheerleaders

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With Israel voted onto the UN's legal committee with Arab support, Palestinians have been abandoned again by the international community

Ahmed al-Burai