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With American and Syrian warplanes both bombing Raqqa, residents of the Syrian city are wondering if the two are working together

Edward Dark

It happens in many countries - the rich and powerful take advantage of the poor and powerless for greed and money, all in the name of development and progress

Michal Zak

Not only retired Israeli senior security officials criticise their government, acting officials do it too. What do they understand that Netanyahu doesn't?

Meron Rapoport

The UAE wants us to believe it is in the vanguard of the fight against Islamist terrorism but the real battlefront is beginning to shape up in neighbouring Saudi Arabia

Bill Law

Even the most glorified and romanticised revolutions have witnessed, in some way or another, waves of revolts and civil war

Ibrahim Halawi

Francis will help draw the attention of Europe to the plight of refugees and the need for other countries to assist Turkey in its humanitarian burden

David Barchard

Hagel's resignation earlier this week, was brought about largely by a US Congress with little appetite for geo-political nuance and complexity

CJ Werleman

There are some hard parallels to be drawn between Gaza’s resistance and The Hunger Games

Ramzy Baroud

After the brutal synagogue attack in Jerusalem, not a single Palestinian or Arab was asked to comment on the escalating violence while 15 pro-Israel guests were hosted by CNN in two days

CJ Werleman

Israel’s recent claims of incitement against Mahmoud Abbas misrepresent Palestinian resistance as terror and disregard the context of Abbas' discourse which is complicit with Zionist demands

Ramona Wadi