This study shows that Islamophobia on Facebook is much more prevalent than previously thought - inflaming religious and racial hate

Imran Awan

To describe the BDS movement as 'defeated' – either in 'many areas' or entirely – is laughable

Ben White

Iraq needs new state-led policies to kick-start a once powerful economy brought low by neoliberal policies and violence

Ahmed Twaij

It’s safe to say that there is indeed 'terrorism everywhere' - and that the media helps to propagate it

Belen Fernandez

Apologists for Israel cannot really expect Palestinians to campaign for solving all the world’s ills before turning their attention on their occupier

Kamel Hawwash

Latif Erdogan was the leader's second-in-command - now he's convinced that the cleric is behind last week's failed coup bid. Why?

Jonathan Steele

The UN is allowing the Assad regime - and in fewer instances opposition groups - to systematically starve the Syrian people with impunity

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

While the West has not been able to hide its bias against Turkey’s political leadership, it is still going to be business as usual with Ankara

Mustafa Salama

The state of emergency is a reasonable response to Turkey's crisis, but using the situation to silence unrelated critics risks further instability

David Barchard

No leader in the Middle East is more demonised than Erdogan - one of the few heads of state who have actually been democratically elected

Soumaya Ghannoushi