Questions surround Turkey's sudden move on - and retreat from - a Kurdish-held town in northern Syria, but more clashes are all but certain

Haid Haid

As the order imposed in the Middle East after the First World War collapses, it threatens to explode where Syria, Iraq and Turkey meet

Basheer Nafi

To end years of turmoil, Iraqi politicians should find a way to share the country's oil wealth rather than repeat mistakes in the IS-held city

Taha Ozhan

Many Jewish organisations and individuals have recently come out against the occupation, but that should be just the start

Nada Elia

Polling in Palestine is a growth industry, but rather than change a broken system for the better, results are often simply used as a political tool

Alaa Tartir

Saudi and Egypt have too many interests wrapped up in their relations to let recent differences - or Iran - come between them

Sharif Nashashibi

Friendship with Russia is winning gains for Turkey in Syria which its alliance with the US was unable to offer

David Barchard

The kingdom's continued membership is an affront to the council's mission of promoting and protecting human rights around the globe

Leah Schulz

After B'tselem's call at the UN and Joint List's decision to boycott Peres' funeral, Israelis are forced to support or oppose occupation

Meron Rapoport

With Israel's most loyal defenders paying lip service to a two-state solution, here's a quick way to cut through the PR and get at the truth

Ben White