Far from reversing their predecessor's approach, Canada’s Liberals have retained domestic and foreign policies that endanger Muslims

Gregory Shupak

Jordan has increased the travel restrictions for Palestinians from Gaza, already under Israeli and Egyptian blockade

Samar Batrawi

The Syrian conflict is no longer about different sides trying to take over each other’s strongholds, it has become a war of attrition

Scott Lucas

The father of a Lebanese soldier opted to avenge his son’s brutal execution by al-Nusra with a similar, primordial act of violence

Makram Rabah

Despite all the usual bluster against Israel, Iran and Hezbollah view Syrian rebels and Saudi Arabia as a bigger direct threat at the present time

Sharif Nashashibi

The World Humanitarian Summit process cost $40m to host, and only managed to raise an extra $145m for emergency aid

Rob Williams

The deals announced between Saudi Arabia and Egypt mark a sea change in Riyadh's approach to doing business with its Arab neighbours

Joseph Benzekri

Mending rifts within Yemen's divided nation can only be achieved by enhancing a sense of common national identity

Afrah Nasser

Even before Lieberman’s appointment, Israel did not hesitate to use criminal means against Palestinians

Tom Mehager

Building new prisons is the only business that Sisi’s regime perfects. Since the military coup, Sisi has built dozens of prisons to bury Egyptians alive

Ahmed al-Burai