He told me to 'f*** off back to Israel with the other yids'. Nobody in the packed rush hour carriage reacted, despite almost certainly having heard

Natalie Pitimson

The supposed dissenters knew very well that Kerry has been advocating essentially the same policy they were articulating for years

Gareth Porter

It seems that intolerance in Ramadan has been reinforced at the expense of individual freedoms. This should not happen in modern Morocco

Saad Guerraoui

This agreement is dictated on both sides by realpolitik, with Turkey's need for energy and Israel needing an export route for its gas

David Barchard

Britain's Brexit-induced crisis is mirrored over the Channel with populist forces threatening political establishments across the EU

David Hearst

Erdogan had left the Iraqi people to fend for themselves as Turkey profits from Iraq's natural resources and assists in the division of their country

Tallha Abdulrazaq

The lack of water in the occupied Palestinian territories is not a technical problem, but rather a 'politically generated drought'

Clara Skupien

The reality, never accepted by the Leave campaign, is that isolating the UK from the EU will do very little to stop UK-bound illegal immigration

Omair Anas

Rafsanjani is the highest-ranking cleric in Iran’s political panorama – even superior to President Rouhani – advocating rapprochement with the US

Kourosh Ziabari

Turkey's president has warned that if Europe does not honour its part of the refugee deal, the Turkish parliament will not ratify it

Baher Kamal