The Tory Party was wrong to panic when a Sunday newspaper published an article accusing a Muslim charity of having links to terrorism

Peter Oborne

It’s awkward for the US government to champion human rights while refusing to blink when it comes to accountability for Saudi Arabia

Richard Falk

Since reelection in 2009, Netanyahu has sought to keep the status quo. The latest burst of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank marks its end

Meron Rapoport

Anyone claiming to be surprised that a third uprising is imminent has been burying their head in the sand for the last decade

Gideon Levy

Having fought the wars that created these crises - Canada has systematically closed every possible avenue of access for refugees

Mersiha Gadzo

On what moral grounds do Western leaders preach to the rest of the world about their illustrious humanitarian values?

Dilly Hussain

With millions living in slums, Iran's rising wealth inequality could spark the kind of social disorder that helped start the 1978 revolution

Shahir Shahidsaless

The PA president’s vague and inconsequential speech was a chance to make some major announcements – true to form, he wasted it

Sharif Nashashibi

While resisting the Kemalist state, the AK Party was a democratising force, but having achieved supremacy, it’s role now is in question

Galip Dalay

Rouhani's UN message has opened the door on engagement with the US but insists that cooperation on resisting IS is the priority in Syria

Gareth Porter