The Saudi government’s ongoing military operation in the Eastern Province city has been sustained by the arm sales, military training and silence of Western governments, particularly the US

Husain Abdulla

I remember. Others remember. But Egypt's post-coup propaganda machine has worked overtime to push an alternative reality

Rania Al Malky

The disputed circumstances surrounding the deaths of dozens of Shia militiamen earlier this week brings post-IS political and security challenges into sharp relief

Mahan Abedin

In a desperate attempt to prevent his own indictment, Netanyahu resurrected the radical right rhetoric that elected him 20 years ago. Grievous consequences are liable to ensue

Meron Rapoport

He has called it the ‘worst agreement ever negotiated’ and now the US president may try to finish it off. Will he succeed?

Shahir Shahidsaless

They've never had official diplomatic relations and still don't (at least for now) - but mutual activities of interest? Tick.

Katie Miranda

Our family only learned that Egyptian police had arrested my cousin through word of mouth, three days after it happened. Three weeks later, authorities still refuse to acknowledge his existence

Mona Hassan Elsayed

Instead of leaving Syria, Khartabil used his skills to fight peacefully for freedom and make sure the world could hear the voices Syrian authorities were trying to silence

Anna Neistat

The White House is sending a clear message: it will not condemn violence against Muslim Americans

CJ Werleman

By holding a referendum on independence next month, the Kurdish Regional Government is risking its crucial relationship with Turkey

David Barchard