New report questions whether an energy company developing Israeli gas reserves may also have been illegally extracting Palestinian resources

Nafeez Ahmed

A hyper-secular, Marxist organisation saving Raqqa from IS is a great script for Hollywood, but will only escalate the current crisis

Taha Ozhan

Unless the US uses its leverage with the YPG, the group's successes in northern Syria could well be reversed

Heiko Wimmen

Once colonialism lost its lustre, Zionists adopted a Eurocentric, racist model of the nation state to deny the existence of the Palestinians

Nada Elia

If Trump approves expected proposals for the three countries, the US ground combat role in the region will be extended for years to come

Gareth Porter

It's difficult to imagine any single action by the US that could do more damage to American-Turkish relations than arming the YPG

David Barchard

Russia, Turkey and Iran's new deal to establish 'de-escalation' zones in Syria is for their own benefit, not the Syrian people

Sharif Nashashibi

When the US and Turkish presidents meet for the first time next week, Trump should also warn Erdogan against pushing further into Syria

Jonathan Steele

Egyptian walls have often had ‘ears’, but since 2011, it is not Big Brother that we fear. Millions of Little Brothers have emerged among us to police what we are meant to say and think

Amr Khalifa

Analysts and journalists in the mainstream media continue to skate over the inconvenient truths of the US's contradictory Syria policy

Ian Sinclair