A new UN report concludes that Israel is guilty of policies that constitute apartheid and, therefore, crimes against humanity. Now it's time to act.

Alaa Tartir

The Dutch rush to right-wing xenophobia is part of a drift toward disaster in Europe. The last time this happened it ended very badly

Taha Ozhan

As Trump lashes out at the intelligence services, the professionals are not sure where this crisis will end

Yossi Melman

Why is it so easy to erase indigenous populations’ voices when they do not fit the narrative one wishes to push?

Joey Ayoub

The next time you hear Israel laud its democratic credentials, remember the ban on BDS supporters and take it with a pinch of salt

Kamel Hawwash

With polls looming in both countries, the majority of Dutch Turks are caught between the inflamed rhetoric of both Erdogan and Wilders

Peter Speetjens

Six years after Saudi's invasion, Bahrain is in crisis. It doesn't have to be this way, but reconciliation must take place now before it is too late

Ali Alaswad

It's critical to recognise the forces - Israeli and Palestinian - that made the assassination of a popular leader like Basel al-Araj possible

Mariam Barghouti

If the 43rd president is getting a PR makeover, there are good reasons why - and they are reasons that should give us pause about Trump

Robert Grenier

A year ago, they weren't speaking but the recent summit shows a relationship strengthening despite tensions over Syria

David Barchard