Iran's economy may be flailing, but with the wrong candidates and campaign tactics, the conservatives fail to take advantage

Abraham Nematzadeh

Computers and mobile phones have created an enormous waste problem worldwide but the region needs to get to work on it now

Kieran Cooke

Strong anti-Iran remarks from Saudi's deputy crown prince reveal a burgeoning, US-backed consensus that it's time to counter Iran

Mustafa Salama

Never fully accepted by the Conservatives, Baroness Warsi has been subject to abuse on a scale few modern politicians must cope with

Peter Oborne

Neither Trump, Abbas, nor Netanyahu is willing to move beyond document signing and actually work for a just and lasting peace

Alaa Tartir

Turkey's recent crackdown on international NGOs working with Syrians will have disastrous results if it continues

Haid Haid

Assad paints the war as a choice between him or Muslim 'terrorists'. Change the rebels' religion in your mind for moral clarity

CJ Werleman

Syria's opposition and civil society - which have demanded change for decades - has made it clear what it wants. Are we listening?

Rime Allaf

The economy took centre stage in Iran's first presidential debate and - as Rouhani's Achilles heel - it is likely to loom large until election day

Mahan Abedin

The PA joins Egypt and Israel in collectively punishing Palestinians in Gaza while maintaining that it has their best interests at heart

Sharif Nashashibi