So much Palestinian sovereignty has already been surrendered over east Jerusalem that al-Aqsa is well and truly the last stand

David Hearst

Securing a victory against the bill which would make it a felony to support the BDS movement will allow us to engage in solidarity with Palestinians and safeguard our fragile democracy from foreign interests

Nada Elia

In the face of irresponsible government policies, an increasing number of Saudi nationals and foreign workers are confronted with unprecedented economic hardship. They won't stay quiet much longer

MEE contributor

The Lebanese PM will be forced to explain how Hezbollah launched a military campaign against Syrian rebels inside the country. Given Trump's anti-Iran stance, Hariri may need some back up

Makram Rabah

For all its faults, attacking Al Jazeera means silencing a generation that questions the region's state of affairs and clamping down on reporting that people still believe can bring bottom-up change

Taner Dogan

Reports of bin Nayef's addiction are, perhaps unwittingly, part of the campaign to finish him off

David Hearst

A legal challenge over humiliating treatment of female passengers on Israeli airlines highlights the racist and gendered nature of security faced by Palestinian women flying to and from Israel

Yara Hawari

The state's inability to protect Copts, its imprisonment of Brotherhood members and now its willingness to ship Uyghers back to China prove that Egypt has officially plunged into a black hole of intolerance

Rania Al Malky

Israeli politicians could have seen that the new security measures at Al-Aqsa would fuel violence; instead, they played internal politics. They may not be able to put the lid back on the jar

Gideon Levy

Many Tunisian civil society leaders fear the passage of two controversial laws in coming days will undermine the country's anti-corruption drive – and its fledgling democracy

Monica Marks