If sanctions have tamed a nuclear North Korea, Trump and his administration may argue that the same outcome vis-à-vis Iran could very well be expected

Shahir Shahidsaless

Despite a transition to democracy seven years ago, Tunisians have been unable to elect local politicians. Until now

Intissar Kherigi

Israel will host the first three stages of the famous Italian cycling event, helping to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the state’s foundation

Flavia Cappellini

The main thing Salah will have learned from the cautionary tale of Aboutrika is that maintaining a conciliatory approach to the Egyptian regime is critical to survival

Mostafa Mohamed

The land beyond Israel’s fence is the dream of every Palestinian in Gaza, who all have the right to live and travel without restrictions

Hind Khoudary

The destruction of states such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran is about isolating Russia when its own turn comes

Dan Glazebrook

Saudi strategy should not be to dominate the Sunni world and cast Palestinians aside, but to build an alliance of Sunni states as a balance to Iran

David Hearst

Mujtahid’s short Twitter statements oscillate between predictions, facts and rumour, thus pointing out a continuum between fact and fiction in the context of Saudi politics

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Iran is a foil, a tool which the Israeli prime minister can use to protect himself and prolong his hold on political power

Richard Silverstein
- Muhammad Sahimi

Britain's new home secretary wants to get to the top - and that means not letting any personal baggage stand in his way

Peter Oborne
Richard Assheton