After recent protests, it's clear that Tunisians want the government to take action - but is this a fight against corruption or just a diversionary tactic?

Tarek Kahlaoui

Only a handful of MPs with Muslim backgrounds are standing for safe Tory seats in this week's election. But that's hardly surprising: the party gave up on policies that appeal to Muslims long ago

Peter Oborne and Alastair Sloan

Recent developments have put good ties between Pakistan and Iran under stress, something the Qatari-Gulf crisis will only fuel further

Kamal Alam and Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi

It is unlikely we will ever know precisely what compelled the attackers to embark on a campaign of terror. However, what we do know is that their acts have no justifiable basis in Islam - whatsoever

Abdul Haqq Baker

It's time for a difficult conversation about the British government's overt and covert military interventions which have made the UK a breeding ground for violent extremism

Nafeez Ahmed

The underlying Saudi and Emirati grievances with Qatar have been lingering for a while, but the real catalyst of this week's crisis is the new US administration

Christopher M Davidson

The stability that some believe a strongman guarantees is actually a perfect incubator for sectarianism and terrorism

Muhammad Mansour

Days ahead of the general election, Theresa May has announced a new approach to security. It sounds strong, but it's actually weak, dangerous and very un-British

Peter Oborne

The dead end faced by Israel's current far-right government in its conflict with Palestinians is a direct consequence of the 1967 war

Richard Silverstein

As the Israeli occupation turns 50, I still believe Palestinians will bring justice without creating injustice, secure equality for all and achieve freedom

Nadia Hijab