For Palestinians, governance depends on where you live and who you are. Efforts to fix this situation often end up only entrenching it further

Asem Khalil

The US announcement that it would withdraw from the Paris accord marked a sad day for the planet's future – and for the MENA region in particular

Kieran Cooke

It's clear that the hacking of Qatar's news agency last month was a premeditated assault. Here's why it happened - and why now

David Hearst

The decision to see or boycott the new film should have been left up to individuals instead of empowering the state to intervene

Halim Shebaya

It's time for another 'Trojan Horse' plot investigation - this time into how Islamophobic ideologues dreamed it up and sold it to media henchmen

Peter Oborne

With the case's collapse, there is an opportunity to start to redress the damage it has caused. It's time to energise - and organise

Tahir Abbas

A referendum would satisfy nationalist ambitions and consolidate decades of autonomy. It could also jeopardise that hard-won success

Sharif Nashashibi

There are better ways to achieve 'economic progress' for the Tunisian populace than via the acquisition of multi-million-dollar military goodies

Belen Fernandez

The atrocity at the Manchester Arena means anyone who has the 'visible' markers of Islam is now more likely to be a victim of hate crimes

Imran Awan