With a president who understands the connection between dropping bombs and improving ratings, the craze for military dramas is a dangerous concoction

Alastair Sloan

The secular elite Ataturk left behind are not angry at a weakening democracy but that Erdogan will bury his political and ideological tyranny

Tallha Abdulrazaq

As the Palestinian movement works to elect a leader to replace Khaled Meshaal, its new charter is clearer about what the movements stands for

Azzam Tamimi

Without understanding the motivations of young fighters coming back from Syria, the UK government only risks their return to radical groups

Imran Awan

Lebanese leaders are using the socio-economic suffering and security fears of Syrian refugees for their own gain

Kareem Chehayeb

Austria's Freedom Party may have been defeated, but its 'At home instead of Islam' slogan lives on in the new 'integration law'

Emran Feroz

Turkey must heal its divisions or risk being in a permanent state of crisis, but judging by Erdogan’s conduct, that is just wishful thinking

Simon A Waldman

It's late in the day, but a new case against Blair's role in the 2003 invasion is again raising questions about his responsibility

Richard Norton-Taylor

Erdogan wins a thin majority to turn Turkey into an executive presidency, but support in big cities and the Kurdish-speaking southeast fell short

David Barchard

Given the French Socialists' track record, there is room for doubt that Benoit Hamon will be a change agent for the country's Palestine policy

Elodie Farge