Amid the country’s current disarray, the best that can be hoped for is a new constitution by the end of the year and elections in 2019

Guma el-Gamaty

With an estimated debt of $80bn and high youth unemployment, the country's latest bailout offer comes with strings attached

Paul Khalifeh

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has to ask the prime minister some searching questions

Peter Oborne

Trump's restraint exposes Israel's isolation and leaves Putin with choices on most productive course for Russia

Richard Silverstein

A video of Israeli soldiers cheering the killing of yet another unarmed protester has highlighted the chilling sentiments of a broad segment of the public

Gideon Levy

A Western strike might temporarily impact the conflict, but few believe it will be a blow that Assad and his allies can't absorb and overcome

Christopher Phillips

Let’s hope those responsible for counterterrorism policy paid attention as organisers of “Punish a Muslim Day” were drowned out by messages of inclusion and solidarity

CJ Werleman

As Iran has attempted to strengthen its military posture in Syria, Israel has drawn red line, reportedly striking bases and equipment of Iranian forces in Syria

Yossi Melman

As Israel continues its murderous machinations against Palestinians while regularly threatening to attack Lebanon, the hope for peace is slim

Belen Fernandez

While the meeting between Turkey, Russia and Iran appeared to mark an important shift towards some form of settlement, Syria will continue to be torn by conflict in the years ahead

Ranj Alaaldin