After the Iraqi army captured Kirkuk from the Kurds, the city's final status will require painful political compromises from both Baghdad and Erbil

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

If Iraq were to remain unified, and if the Middle East were to avoid the evils and repercussions of Kurdish division, it is mandatory to first reconsider the structure of the Iraqi state as a whole

Basheer Nafi

As regional powers intensified the push for reconciliation, sensitive matters were either deferred to the final stage of negotiations or avoided altogether

Safa Joudeh

Trump’s attack on IRGC may backfire spectacularly as Iranians rally around Revolutionary Guards

Mahan Abedin

Each attempt at reconciliation by the Palestinians has been met with hostility and belligerence from Netanyahu

Meron Rapoport

Four months into the Gulf crisis, the social and political rift is likely to set the Gulf integration process back years, sewing disunity, division and discord across a people naturally bonded by religious, ethnic and tribal ties

Andreas Krieg

Boris Johnson has plenty to say on Brexit and renewing ties 'East of Suez', but strangely a statement condemning the kingdom's persecution of its Shia majority is notable in its absence

Bill Law

Nearly three decades after the end of the Lebanese civil war, Beirut’s renovated downtown hardly lives up to its marketed role as a forum for postwar reconciliation

Belen Fernandez

The story of Syria's national team is far more complex than a team coming together and offering unity and diversion for its people

James Montague

Political infighting between the KRG and Baghdad's central government is hampering the creation of a national Iraqi strategy to prevent the resurgence of Islamic State

Ibrahim Al-Marashi