American support for Israel is helping drive Palestinian Christians out

Alex Shams

The Tamimis' struggle is typical of that of the millions of Palestinians who have been losing their homes, their land, their natural resources and their livelihood for 70 years

Nada Elia

Each year the land that gave birth to Christianity is covered in tear gas instead of snow

Yara Hawari

All states who voted in favour of the UN General Assembly resolution should make the most of this momentous global cohesion and back up their political positions with action

Issam Aruri

The number of settlements and settlers continues to rise at an alarming rate adding unnecessary nails to the coffin of the two-state solution

Kamel Hawwash

As Yemen’s Houthis fire another ballistic missile at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s ability to prosecute the war with impunity diminishes

Mahan Abedin

The UN General Assembly resolution condemning the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital was passed with votes from 128 member states

Ahmed Ramadan

The UAE ambassador stormed out of a UN human rights session last week as criticism mounts over human rights abuses

Joe Odell

People are fed up with images of explosions and destruction that are devoid of humanity yet there are countless tales of hope, love and sacrifice that live amid the rubble

Rola Hallam

With the spotlight on Jerusalem, it is an opportunity for unified, effective, and decisive EU action

Rami Saleh