For the first time, Jordanians will have elected local government officials - and, in a development that may cause concern for some of Jordan's allies, many will be members of the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamic Action Front

Mohammad Ayesh

An Australian MP's burqa-wearing stunt this week won't be last time this issue will come up. But under the veil of the Western preoccupation with head covering, what is this really about?

Sahar Ghumkhor

The idea of looking into the mirror in search of answers to political weakness does not exist in Iranian political culture. That's no clearer example than the 1953 coup against Mohammed Mossadeq

Mansour Farhang

The EU has been courageous to stick by Iran in the face of Trump. But its stance towards a key human rights review in the breakaway region of Georgia has been pathetically weak

Jonathan Steele

So long as Riyadh insists on a Houthi defeat in Yemen that won’t benefit Al-Islah, the kingdom’s operation is doomed to fail. But there's another way to end this war

Ahmad Salah El Din

A willing rendition partner, a 'dumping ground' for Guantanamo Bay detainees, and now sending troops to fight IS in Iraq... What won't Albania do for the US?

Belen Fernandez

The conscious failure of the state to uphold its commitments by submitting its report illustrates its sole ambition of maintaining, at least superficially, a good reputation

Michelle Wazan

In southern Turkish towns, money, people and power flow to and from Syria and residents talk of the old world and a new order

Bruno Maçães

In the name of preserving security, the anti-Qatar quartet has sought to curtail Qatar's sovereignty. To get to a compromise - and save the GCC - we must acknowledge that these needs are independent of one another

Salman Shaikh and Courtney Freer

A new luxury tourism project might be good news for Saudi coffers, but the venture will allow for activities forbidden in the rest of the country and undermine the regime's political legitimacy along with it

Mustafa Salama