The French justice system's handling of the pre-trial conditions case has been dogged by controversy, allegations of denial of justice, and violation of due process

Alain Gabon

The alliance of a religious Shia movement with a leftist-secularist party might end up as the king-maker of a new Iraqi government

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

What is foreseen for Syria under a Russian-led process - now that Geneva has been sidelined - is a tarting-up and reselling of the old order

Galip Dalay

Turkey’s renewed dialogue with the US and Germany is a surprising breakthrough showing that Ankara is exploiting its pivotal international position and expects further concessions

David Barchard

Significant improvements in the economy would encourage ordinary Libyans to participate in planned elections, offering a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel

Guma el-Gamaty

Global Day of Action to Free Tamimis must also celebrate history of steadfast Palestinian women

Nada Elia

South Yemen, with its strategically important location and infrastructure, could enable the rise of the UAE as a global energy superpower

Jakob Reimann

Iran will only involve itself in a defensive war if it is attacked directly by Israel and the survival of the Islamic Republic is seriously threatened

Shahir Shahidsaless

Russian casualties at the hands of US forces reveal depth of Putin's war of choice

David Hearst

The United States has added its weight to the Israeli side of the scales, accentuating the imbalance and deepening Palestinian hopelessness

Avi Shlaim