The Arab revolutionary movement did not find powerful international allies to support and protect it at key moments of change

Basheer Nafi

Iran went the extra mile to adhere to the JCPOA nuclear deal. Now it fears that was a mistake

Trita Parsi

The haste with which the military alliance applauded the attacks on Syria illustrates how it serves America and the weapons industry

David Cronin

Mainstream politicians are whipping up racism for votes, leading to tragic and fatal consequences

Maz Saleem

The Egyptian government is fostering a state of desperation and hopelessness, leaving a vacuum for extremist groups to fill

Mohannad Sabry

Israel’s law of return grants citizenship to Jews from anywhere in the world, while denying it to Palestinians with a history of residency in the country

Rima Najjar

The newly appointed editor of the Daily Express offered an honest account about his own paper's culpability in spreading hate and bigotry against Muslims. Other editors should follow suit

Tahir Abbas

Syrians have seen their lives destroyed as the international community stood by and watched, but they still cling to the hope that one day justice will be served

Razan Saffour

Just 12 percent of the funds required to support education activities in the war-torn country this year have been raised

George Graham

Gaza's peaceful protesters need international support, otherwise Israel will continue to use violence against them with impunity

Ali Adam