If real progressive politicians hope to pull Israel back from the brink, then they will have to stand for every kind of equality

David Sheen

If it’s really ‘America first’, why is the US remaining in an organisation simply to act as Israel’s chief defender?

Kamel Hawwash

In a victory for the Islamophobia industry, US Supreme Court has upheld Trump’s travel ban

CJ Werleman

Muslim men have offered little to ensure that the voices of Muslim women can be heard

Sultanah Parvin

The Great Return March has posed new questions: where is the international community and where are its leaders?

Ghada Ageel

The unexpected but crushing defeat Erdogan and his party inflicted on their opponents leaves the Turkish opposition in disarray

David Barchard

Violent Islamophobia is merely the tip of the iceberg, fed by a body of ideas that governing parties have brought into the mainstream

Myriam Francois

For now, it looks like Erdogan and Bahceli's snap election gamble has paid off

Birce Bora

The King David Hotel bombing is a bitterly contested event - and Prince William should commemorate the dead when he stays there

Peter Oborne

The book is an intimate diary of a courageous man who would disdain any such description of himself, after seeing the raw courage of so many Palestinians

Robert Fantina