When Abeer Ayyoub left Gaza to study in Europe, she planned to stop reading the news from home and thought she was prepared for anything. But she discovered something else

Abeer Ayyoub

The 45th US president grows weaker by the day, a trend unlikely to be reversed. Anyone who puts their trust in him is playing a losing card

Basheer Nafi

The US aid cuts announced last week are a step in the right direction to curb Egypt's autocratic regime. But if recent history is any guide, this is nothing more than optics

Rania Al Malky

Don’t believe what the mainstream media is writing about Trump in Afghanistan. Despite delusions of adequacy, he has one last card to play which might save him from Steven Bannon’s petulant warning shot

Martin Jay

It's been nearly 100 years since the document changed the course of history, yet Britain still fails to acknowledge Israel's denial of the Palestinian right to national self-determination - and its own complicity

Avi Shlaim

Riyadh has a plan to wean the country off its oil addiction. But it won't work without facing up to some core problems

MEE contributor

Turkey faces an intricate tangle of military and diplomatic challenges in Syria and Iraq, but things may finally be going its way in its war at home against the PKK

David Barchard

White supremacy and Zionism are two of a kind, with both modelled on ethnic exclusion. Therefore, if one opposes exclusion, and the desire for a racially or religiously 'pure' nation, one must oppose Zionism

Nada Elia

The loss of the city of Sirte is not the final blow to IS in Libya or North Africa by a long shot. There are still plenty of opportunities for the group to mount a regional resurgence. Here's how

Rhiannon Smith and Lachlan Wilson

They hoped Assad would fall. Then they wished Syria would fall apart, taking Hezbollah with it. Despite recent efforts, the Israelis may now find themselves staring down the group on two fronts

Yossi Melman