The UAE ambassador stormed out of a UN human rights session last week as criticism mounts over human rights abuses

Joe Odell

People are fed up with images of explosions and destruction that are devoid of humanity yet there are countless tales of hope, love and sacrifice that live amid the rubble

Rola Hallam

With the spotlight on Jerusalem, it is an opportunity for unified, effective, and decisive EU action

Rami Saleh

In order to have an honest debate about sexual violence, we need to stop sensationalising it and expressing outrage only when the perpetrators are brown and the victims white

Siema Iqbal

One of the best ways to show resolve against Trump's blundering Israel policy is to recognise East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine

Richard Silverstein

Presenting themselves as shocked bystanders to the growing famine in Yemen, the US and UK are in fact prime movers in a new strategy that will massively escalate it

Dan Glazebrook

It takes little imagination to realise that when adults reward anti-Muslim animus at the ballot box, school age kids will likely replicate that behaviour by punishing Muslims in the playground

CJ Werleman

Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital serves to legitimise ethnic cleansing of Palestinians - Christian and Muslim alike - in the Holy Land

Alex Shams

The only response to Trump's Jerusalem decision is by dissolving the PA thus restoring the conflict to its basic and clear expression: the people versus the occupation

Basheer Nafi

One of the most significant structural threats to the post-revolutionary Tunisian state is its approach towards its economic origins

Max Gallien