Iran's strategic alliances are extensive and deep, and US regional allies today look increasingly fragile and erratic

Seyed Mohammad Marandi

A self-confessed fan of regime change, the latest US national security advisor looks to be itching for a new conflict in the Middle East

Bill Law

Iconic Palestinian singer who dedicated her life to what she believed in has died at the age of 51

Abir Kopty

Many of the loudest critics of Muslims in Britain are those who know least about them

Peter Oborne

Rather than curbing systematic rights abuses against Palestinians, the justice system reinforces the discriminatory status quo

Ben White

Ankara and Washington should seize the opportunity to leverage Turkey’s military involvement in Syria against the chaos offered by Damascus and its blind supporters

Taha Ozhan

John Bolton has demonstrated he is a dangerous and reckless neoconservative ideologue who believes diplomacy should be replaced with ultimatum

CJ Werleman

Gaddafi's son will always remain a divisive figure among Libyans and the chances of him becoming an elected president are slim

Guma el-Gamaty

As Bannon works to forge a link among alt-right groups around the globe, the time is ripe for a broad societal alliance to repudiate this ideology

Malia Bouattia

All of the actors involved in the Syrian conflict are trying to spin the question of chemical weapons to promote their own interests

Lorenzo Trombetta