The further developments in Morocco will be watched with much care throughout the region

Max Gallien

The president of the Palestinian society at the university has been disciplined for campaigning against Islamophobic policies on campus

Malia Bouattia

As long as five percent of Jordan’s income is provided by expatriates in Saudi Arabia, their alliance will be crucial

Mohammad Ayesh

If a deal is reached in the south of Syria, it would go some way towards further entrenching the return of the Syrian government to near full control of the country

Kamal Alam

Selling missiles to the Qataris is not only good business for the Russians; it also allows them to meddle in the conflicted and splintered politics of the Gulf states

Bill Law

The British government should stop cosying up to the Saudis and deter a possible attack on key port

Tom Hinchcliffe

The West's punitive civilising mission in the East shows no signs of abating 40 years after the publication of Orientalism

Belen Fernandez

The use of well-protected snipers against demonstrators is not really about ‘security’ – at least not in the sense that Israeli officials use the term

Ben White

The truth about Saudi princesses is that they have truly hijacked the women’s struggle in favour of the old propaganda about the progressive role of royalty

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The head of Hamas's political bureau writes about life in the besieged Strip and the Great March of Return

Ismael Haniyyah