Saudi Arabia apparently wants Israel to fight its war with Hezbollah. Some in Israel also think the time has come. But the risks still appear excessive

Meron Rapoport

The recent 'spying' charges against Ali Salman are a sign of the vindictive nature of a regime and a ruling family that has systematically constructed a police state in Bahrain

Bill Law

The Western commentariat's favourable reviews of Mohammed Bin Salman gloss over Saudi government brutality

Gregory Shupak

A study of the Twitter accounts of some British diplomats across the Middle East reveals that UK ambassadors care very deeply about human rights - but only when alleged abuses are carried out by our enemies

Peter Oborne

A recent report in Haaretz paints a picture of Gazans as dehumanised, but denies a voice to Palestinians surviving an Israeli siege that the reporter fails to even acknowledge

Nada Elia

Globalisation has fuelled racial and religious tensions. As thousands of nationalists and far right groups marched through Warsaw last week, its clear that fear and hate of Muslims is growing

CJ Werleman

Iran is pursuing a multi-faceted strategy in Syria which includes containing the Kurds and building up its forces in the Golan

Maysam Behravesh

The ability of a politically fragile country like Lebanon to survive the effects of the regional transformations including subsequent civil wars that started in 2011 has been quite remarkable

Rayan El-Amine

It is time to accept the reality that Israel simply does not want a sovereign Palestinian state – and consider its serious implications

Ben White

The detention of a dual national in Iran speaks to continuing volatility in Anglo-Iranian relations. But skillful diplomacy may save the day

Mahan Abedin