The drama, while well researched, omits to explain the conditions and motivations driving these young Brits to travel to join the Islamic State - and potentially adds to the misunderstanding of UK Muslims

Tahir Abbas

Six years after the revolution, Libyans are paying more for goods with wages that are worth less. Central Bank officials should use their authority to stop the black market spiral of the currency

Tim Eaton

Tunisian women should have the right to work, to go to bars, to marry life partners of their choosing - and to wear a hijab. The notion of women’s liberation imposed by the state is constricting and limiting

Safa Belghith

Just days after a US delegation visit to Israel and Palestine, Netanyahu declares that Israel will no longer uproot settlements. Any dreams of peace anytime soon are a long way off

Kamel Hawwash

Saudi Arabia reopened its borders to allow Qataris to perform Hajj. It's unlikely that the boycotting quartet will offer any more concessions and it's time for Qatar to give a little

Muhammad Mansour

When Abeer Ayyoub left Gaza to study in Europe, she planned to stop reading the news from home and thought she was prepared for anything. But she discovered something else

Abeer Ayyoub

The 45th US president grows weaker by the day, a trend unlikely to be reversed. Anyone who puts their trust in him is playing a losing card

Basheer Nafi

The US aid cuts announced last week are a step in the right direction to curb Egypt's autocratic regime. But if recent history is any guide, this is nothing more than optics

Rania Al Malky

Don’t believe what the mainstream media is writing about Trump in Afghanistan. Despite delusions of adequacy, he has one last card to play which might save him from Steven Bannon’s petulant warning shot

Martin Jay

It's been nearly 100 years since the document changed the course of history, yet Britain still fails to acknowledge Israel's denial of the Palestinian right to national self-determination - and its own complicity

Avi Shlaim