The arrest of a man who compared Lebanon's leaders to animals on Facebook is not a fluke, but a reflection of much broader problem

Kareem Chehayeb

To commemorate Land Day, UK students have launched 'Don't Punish Protest' to push back against university repression of Palestinian activism

Yara Hawari

The 28th summit of the Arab League was convened in Amman this week

MEE contributor

As the Egyptian president heads to the White House next week, ask not what Sisi will do for Trump, but what Trump will do for Sisi

Rania Al Malky

If the Tabqa Dam is breached, Raqqa would be submerged within minutes and flooding would continue downstream all the way to Iraq

Kieran Cooke

Central to the specific Egyptian brand of the syndrome is an unending love affair with military heroes and the army, despite its dismal record

Amr Khalifa

The Western narrative unnecessarily provokes nationalist sentiments and could lead young voters to favour a strong and defiant Turkey

Omair Anas

Erdogan's use of the anti-EU card may payoff in April, but the inevitable retaliation from Europe will have far-reaching implications

Simon A Waldman
Emre Caliskan

After supporting the UN resolution against Israeli settlements, the UK's attack against the council is illogical - unless this is all about trade deals

Kamel Hawwash

Saudi Arabia faces resistance to its plan to use the summit platform as an opportunity to attack and isolate Iran

Mahan Abedin