Myanmar is not the first regime committing ethnic cleansing and genocide whose military has been armed by Israel. Its oppression of the Palestinians is a 'field test' for others to crush their own indigenous people

Ahmad Moussa

World powers have strengthened their ties with Iran since the nuclear deal was signed. Now they should pressure Tehran to end its ruthless treatment of political prisoners

Raha Bahreini

Just a year after its launch, Mohammed bin Salman is already scaling back his headline strategy. Can he still achieve needed reforms and carry Saudis with him? The odds are lengthening

Bill Law

In an era of medical advances and scientific breakthroughs, how is it possible that someone dies every hour in Yemen from cholera? Preventing its spread is easier said than done, but we must try harder

Anjali Sen

They stand to benefit significantly from even closer ties, but will Russia and Egypt continue their hot pursuit? Only time and the Trump administration's strategy will tell

Alexey Khlebnikov

People living in Gulf countries are breathing some of the most toxic air on earth, but the technology, funding and regulations needed to fight back don't stack up

Kieran Cooke

In Syria, hard evidence no longer drives accountability. The biggest winners? The Assad regime and its allies who cannot be blamed for thinking they're able to get away with anything

Lina Khatib

The catalysts - and consequences - of the Kurdish referendum are rooted in the creation of region's nation states after World War I. To prevent another conflict, that order must be reconceived

Basheer Nafi

Sixteen years after 9/11, the attacks continue to justify US military destruction from Iraq to Yemen to Pakistan and beyond. Is freedom really winning?

Belen Fernandez

Decision-makers in Tehran may not be strategic masters, but they are masterful at taking advantage of America’s self-inflicted wounds. Nikki Haley's speech at the American Enterprise Institute? Case in point

Reza Marashi