Anti-Muslim sentiment cuts across vast swathes of social, economic, cultural and political life in Britain today

Tahir Abbas

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the country’s use of torture is far deeper and more systemic than what has been publicly acknowledged

CJ Werleman

Despite jurisdictional limitations, it is important to start compiling evidence and articulating charges

Jordi Quero

As protests grip the kingdom, Amman wants neighbouring states and the US to realise that maintaining stability requires continued support

Mohammad Ayesh

The prime minister and senior Tories have ignored repeated warnings about pervasive Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

Peter Oborne

Abandoned by the world, Palestinians could find strength in demographics

Kamel Hawwash

As a US-Israeli-Saudi union has come to dominate regional affairs, Jordan's geopolitical world has turned upside down

Sean Yom

In coverage of Israel’s recent massacres, columnists have defended abject brutality and implied that Palestinians have no rights

Gregory Shupak

The US comedian has sparked a firestorm with her latest racist remarks, but considering her history, anyone could have seen it coming

Richard Silverstein

US administration’s anchoring of its Middle East perspective on Netanyahu’s worldview is unsustainable

Taha Ozhan