It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Hariri's resignation, the Saudi purge, and the Houthi missile fired at Riyadh are interconnected

David Hearst

Saudi Arabia had always been ruled by multiple fiefdoms of senior princes but Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is truly making it now his own playground

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The international development secretary's secret meetings in Israel trigger serious questions for any UK prime minister with a sense of integrity

Peter Oborne

Guard dogs are kept in wooden boxes outside settlements across the West Bank for one purpose only: to attack Palestinians

CJ Werleman

Labour badly needs to adopt Corbyn's view of war and peace and dump the carbon copy of Tory policies which have served working people so poorly

John Rees

The bill is an exercise in demographic change through annexation under which over 150,000 settlement occupants would be considered residents of Jerusalem while Palestinian neighbourhoods are downgraded

Issam Aruri

Lebanon is facing enormous challenges as President Michel Aoun enters his second year in office

Halim Shebaya

The Balfour Declaration taught Israel an important lesson: It would have a free hand as long as it relied on a superpower patron

Jonathan Cook

The term 'national home' is no doubt an ambiguous one, however, it certainly did not mean a state

Basheer Nafi

Iran will capitalise on the ensuing Baghdad-Erbil tensions to deepen its influence over Iraqi affairs and sideline US in Iraq

Mahan Abedin