View that Palestinians are uniquely undeserving of human rights reflects an exceptionalism shamelessly packaged as ‘pro-peace’

Ben White

Haftar has unleashed a range of forces that are beyond any single man to contain

Jason Pack

Syrian-Turkish voters said their new citizenship rights came with an important responsibility: to vote in last month’s election

Zeynep Coşkun Koç
Fatih Semsettin Isik
Rawan Hamoud

Reports suggest Trump could be about to unveil massive relief programme, but on condition Palestinians work in Egypt under Israel's 'Greater Gaza' plan

Jonathan Cook

With international funding for refugees in short supply, Jordan keeps its borders closed and seeks stability

Mohammad Ayesh

For decades, Yemen has rarely been left alone, with anything other than total subordination to global capital met with aggressive hostility from the West

Dan Glazebrook

A joint bid would allow Maghreb countries to spread the costs for infrastructure investments and boost regional cooperation

Max Gallien

The violence and political power play in Daraa is emblematic of the Syrian people's struggle for dignity and freedom

Nadine Almanasfi

British foreign policy has partly helped turn Libya and Syria into training and facilitation hubs for militants who conducted numerous atrocities across Europe

Mark Curtis

Five years since the military coup, Egypt's president has shut down all opposition forces, but the crisis the country faces has deepened

Taqadum al-Khatib