British policy since the 1970s has to an extent appended the UK economy to the Saudi economy, making Britain a de facto client state

Mark Curtis

Presented as a great humanitarian effort, the Saudi-led coalition's new aid plan for Yemen essentially aims to tighten the blockade and monopolise access to aid in the hands of the aggressors

Dan Glazebrook

The commission was dead before it lived with Sara Khan's appointment an attempt to make the rot seem more palatable and human

Layla Hadj

The notion that this culturally important Marvel Studios film plays into prejudice is simply misguided

Sultanah Parvin

The death in custody of a prominent Iranian activist raises difficult questions about whether Iran’s environmental sector could be targeted by Western intelligence

Mahan Abedin

There were plenty of opportunities – more honorable ones – over the past decade to shut the Holy Land's major Christian pilgrimage sites in protest

Jonathan Cook

The Met's top counter-terrorism officer has dangerously undermined the very ideals of community policing that he claims to uphold

Peter Oborne

Shake-ups are the traditional way for a Saudi ruler to circulate positions among the royal family within the state bureaucracy rather than a sign of meaningful reform

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Since the Arab uprisings of 2011, UAE has utilised 'cyber-security governance' to quell the harbingers of revolt and suppress dissident voices

Joe Odell

The Palestinian president has called for an international conference by mid-2018 to recognise Palestine as a state, but prospects are bleak amid US bias towards Israel

Kamel Hawwash