Yemen's civilians face a humanitarian crisis of 'biblical proportions' as threat of famine looms large

Ahmed Ramadan

2017 has been a dreadful year for the Palestinians and it could be about to end on an even worse note as Trump may hand Jerusalem to Israel on a plate

Kamel Hawwash

Trump's presidency should be a moment to reconsider the truthfulness of the supposed secularism of Western wars – and accept the deeply uncomfortable truth, that he is fighting a religious war

Abdul-Azim Ahmed

Kushner crossed the line from using his First Amendment right to speak freely about government policy into subverting official US foreign policy in favour of Israel

Richard Silverstein

Moscow will be in a tight spot trying to maintain the status quo without being perceived as a dishonest partner which favours one party over the other

Alexey Khlebnikov

Saudi approval ratings are meaningless when critics are treated as traitors, terrorists and dissenters

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Participating in this election in any way, shape or form is not a display of political proactivity in a democratic process - it's a betrayal of the fundamental spirit of the January uprising

Rania Al Malky

The Saudi policy of building ties among Shia politicians has taken advantage of fissures within the Iraqi elite with the goal of undermining Iranian dominance in the country

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

The current socio-political environment in Egypt is repressive enough to produce even more tragedies

Omar Ashour

Attempts to shut down the BDS movement by claiming it is anti-Semitic are unfounded, and based on a worrying global campaign to criminalise criticism of Israel

Peter Speetjens