The activities of Priti Patel are a sign of a wider imbalance in Britain's foreign policy in the Middle East

Peter Oborne

There is ample evidence to suggest that May's government has accommodated a pro-Israel lobby that keeps the true nature of its activities under wraps

David Cronin

Mental illness, guns situation or terrorism: It all depends on to whom Trump is talking

Katie Miranda

Priti Patel's resignation marks a turning point in the perception of Israel’s image in Western intellectual circles from strategic asset to toxic liability

Clayton Swisher

Iran hawks in the Trump administration have orchestrated the latest release of documents via a neoconservative think tank to link al-Qaeda to Iran

Shahir Shahidsaless

We, Palestinians, know what really went down

Susan Abulhawa

The Louvre and Abu Dhabi missed an opportunity to mark a bold cultural shift, writes Guy Mannes-Abbott

Guy Mannes-Abbott

Despite all the talk of diversifying economies, the Gulf states remain hooked on oil and gas even as temperatures in the Middle East are rising

Kieran Cooke

To fully appreciate the hypocrisy of the current hullabaloo over Iranian armaments and alleged nuclear ambitions, it's instructive to revisit the era of America's favourite Shah

Belen Fernandez

The launch of a single missile portends an escalation of the Saudi-Iranian proxy war in Yemen and perhaps the region

Ibrahim Al-Marashi