A total US funding cut would mean a serious reduction in services and the complete halt of many of the education and health programmes for Palestinian refugees

Yara Hawari

We should move beyond the dichotomy of temporariness versus permanence, and recognise that refugees in camps do engage in home-making-without-a-home

Natalia Paszkiewicz

Calling for elections in Libya in 2018 without addressing the underlying causes of violence and instability is effectively putting the horse before the cart

Guma el-Gamaty

Only a global solidarity movement, which mounts sufficient pressure on Israel, can create political traction for a secular state shared equally by Israelis and Palestinians

Richard Falk

The hate is partly fuelled by an irrational and exaggerated fear of an assumed, but nonexistent, monolithic Islam represented only by its most fanatical fringe

Faisal Kutty

The protests as they stand will not bring down President Rouhani, but if the poorest of the poor take to the streets then Iran itself could be in danger

Shahir Shahidsaless

The UAE has become a danger to itself and to the entire Arab region due to abhorrent policies pursued by its rulers

Soumaya Ghannoushi

Troops' record in Iraq is among the primary reasons why Britain is facing the greatest terrorism threat since the Irish 'Troubles'

Moazzam Begg

Aid dependency has stripped the Palestinian people of power to resist colonialism, apartheid and oppression. It's time to lay failed Oslo aid model to rest

Alaa Tartir

Lorde represents a new generation of globally aware individuals who are willing to learn, make up their own minds, and not be pressured by powerful oppressors

Nada Elia