If and when bombing stops and Syrian farmers turn their irrigation taps on once again, a dire water shortage problem on the River Jordan could become drastically worse

Kieran Cooke

Unlike neighbouring Turkey, Iran hasn’t resorted to aggressive posturing to oppose the Kurdish referendum. However, behind the scenes the Islamic Republic is pulling out all the stops to deter Kurdish independence

Mahan Abedin

Now that the vote is over and the count will be in soon, the US and UK must be careful not to embolden Baghdad, Ankara and Tehran to take destabilising steps forward in an already fragile situation

Crispin Blunt

During his trial, one of Rabbani's arguments for not handing over sensitive materials to UK authorities was that he was afraid it would be shared further. This is a worry that should concern all of us

Douglas Weeks

King and son need to improve their image, so they use time-tested, go-to strategy of authoritarian regimes: Co-opt women

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The Arab world sees severe consequences within Syria if the Assad regime doesn’t compromise with the PYD

Kareem Chehayeb

The most important question is whether, by throwing out a one-state scarecrow in his speech, the Palestinian president will have generated enough pressure to restore the two-state project?

Awni Almashni

There is no doubt that most Kurds want independence, but what kind? If you build a state where democratic principles are easily undermined, you end up with a dictatorship. Our struggles may just be beginning

Dr Choman Hardi

As the UN Human Rights Council looks once again at launching an independent inquiry into war crimes in Yemen, I have one thing to say to the organisations pushing for it: good luck

Afrah Nasser

Egypt's refusal this week to allow a funeral for former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Mahdi Akef reveals a regime that understands its hold on power is precarious

Wael Haddara