The brutal and corrupt nature of the Egyptian rule is not something an Israeli missile or jet can fix. Israel cannot singlehandedly maintain Sisi in power

Richard Silverstein

Only when occupation ends and justice is addressed will the Israel-Palestine conflict be resolved

David Hearst

Having failed to achieve tangible progress at Sochi, Moscow will instead be forced to rely on military means to achieve its goals in Syria

Neil Hauer

If Trump does not convince Ankara that the US is willing to accept Turkey's redlines in Syria, we may witness the end of a decades-long strategic partnership

Birce Bora

Since a December visit by a delegation from Bahrain to Israel ties have been warming between states that are officially enemies. They have more in common than it seems

Bill Law

Although it could have gone further, the report makes clear that settlements are a grave violation of international law and an intrinsically discriminatory enterprise

Ben White

Recent government and military salary hikes are hardly in line with the radical fiscal overhaul proposed by Saudi Arabia’s crown prince

Kieran Cooke

The group which is supposed to foster links between UK Conservatives and the Middle East has come under the influence of Gulf countries and has badly lost its way

Peter Oborne and Alastair Sloan

If it is to be taken seriously as a broker for peace, the EU must make disruptive decisions to pressure Israel, just as the US has been doing against Palestinians

Kamel Hawwash

Since 2011, Turkey has seen nothing but lies and betrayal in the US approach to the Syrian crisis

Basheer Nafi