The catalysts - and consequences - of the Kurdish referendum are rooted in the creation of region's nation states after World War I. To prevent another conflict, that order must be reconceived

Basheer Nafi

Sixteen years after 9/11, the attacks continue to justify US military destruction from Iraq to Yemen to Pakistan and beyond. Is freedom really winning?

Belen Fernandez

Decision-makers in Tehran may not be strategic masters, but they are masterful at taking advantage of America’s self-inflicted wounds. Nikki Haley's speech at the American Enterprise Institute? Case in point

Reza Marashi

America's strategy shift in Afghanistan leaves Iran with a good chance to check Pakistan's ambitions in the war at its borders - but it will be an uphill battle

Mahan Abedin

Iran's port at Chabahar will help Tehran balance its relations with India and Pakistan and has the potential to turn the waters north of the Indian Ocean into a maritime 'sphere of influence'

Maysam Behravesh

Power will continue to elude Israel's Labor party, unless it plumps for a populist leader

Simon A Waldman

The people of the region will find their voice again once the dust settles from sectarian wars and international interventions

Rayan El-Amine

Israel faces an uncomfortable truth: it will have to adapt to a shrinking role in the Middle East

Richard Silverstein

When Canada's Supreme Court awarded $8.4m to Omar Khadr, many were outraged. But consider what the US army offers civilians or what Khadr was sued for in civil court and you wonder if all men really are created equal

Peter Speetjens

An article published in an Egyptian newspaper by Britain's Middle East minister suggests that London now wholeheartedly supports the Sisi regime in its war on the Muslim Brotherhood

Peter Oborne