The launch of a single missile portends an escalation of the Saudi-Iranian proxy war in Yemen and perhaps the region

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

The Saudi crown prince's imaginary history of the kingdom is meant to justify repressive measures

Basheer Nafi

Netanyahu's new alliance with Saudi Arabia's crown prince might provide the military punch he needs to forge a successful series of attacks on regional enemies

Richard Silverstein

The Lebanese prime minister's resignation from Riyadh sparks much speculation about Saudi Arabia's intentions in Lebanon

Lina Khatib

What is going on in Saudi Arabia is a political struggle for the throne and not an anti-corruption drive

MEE correspondent

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Hariri's resignation, the Saudi purge, and the Houthi missile fired at Riyadh are interconnected

David Hearst

Saudi Arabia had always been ruled by multiple fiefdoms of senior princes but Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is truly making it now his own playground

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The international development secretary's secret meetings in Israel trigger serious questions for any UK prime minister with a sense of integrity

Peter Oborne

Guard dogs are kept in wooden boxes outside settlements across the West Bank for one purpose only: to attack Palestinians

CJ Werleman

Labour badly needs to adopt Corbyn's view of war and peace and dump the carbon copy of Tory policies which have served working people so poorly

John Rees