British Prime Minister Theresa May's campaigning alongside Bob Blackman, whose record on Muslims is sinister, sends out a distressing message about the values of the Conservative Party

Peter Oborne

Pompeo's promotion means a more hawkish, muscular American foreign policy in which force is used more readily and confrontation with Iran is likely

Richard Silverstein

France's anti-radicalisation plans aim to target millions of French citizens based on a discredited model used in the UK. Teachers, public servants and the political left must fight it

Jad Bouharoun

A recent letter advocating violence against Muslims delivered a chilling message to the community, yet the government remained silent

Arzu Merali

The Egyptian president is a captured beast caught in a barbed web of his own lies, with no real endgame in sight

Rania Al Malky

Putin's annual state of the nation address, highlighting advances in ballistic missile technology, seeks to impact Russian elections and the Syrian war

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Despite its shortcomings in directly upholding peace and justice, the UN is on balance a vital force with respect to conflict and peacekeeping

Richard Falk

In the four-month period from 1 July to 30 October 2017, Israel violated Lebanon’s airspace 758 times for a total of 3,188 hours

David Morrison

An intricate web of neocons uniting Israel lobbyists with Arab Gulf state surrogates has created a powerful echo chamber that neither Republicans nor the White House can ignore

Andreas Krieg

Putting pressure on prominent public figures to retract their criticism of the apartheid Israeli state is a tactic that reveals its undeniable weakness

CJ Werleman