Restrained cut and thrust was central to the downing of an Iranian drone over Israel, but miscalculations are all too possible

Yossi Melman

The real story is what he doesn't talk about: a military-intelligence complex with unfettered power to wage endless war

Cori Crider

Moscow is leveraging Turkish operations against the YPG in Afrin to weaken US influence in Syria and push the Kurds to negotiate with Damascus

Haid Haid

Mohammed bin Salman's embrace of moderate Islam conceals a nasty agenda that has so far resulted in the incarceration of hundreds of innocent people dubbed as radical Islamists

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Over the short term, the British policy will deliver political benefits; over the long term, it will open up unnecessary sectarian division

Peter Oborne

The lack of a definition of extremism being agreed upon at parliamentary level leaves it wide open to subjective interpretation

Siema Iqbal

The brutal and corrupt nature of the Egyptian rule is not something an Israeli missile or jet can fix. Israel cannot singlehandedly maintain Sisi in power

Richard Silverstein

Only when occupation ends and justice is addressed will the Israel-Palestine conflict be resolved

David Hearst

Having failed to achieve tangible progress at Sochi, Moscow will instead be forced to rely on military means to achieve its goals in Syria

Neil Hauer

If Trump does not convince Ankara that the US is willing to accept Turkey's redlines in Syria, we may witness the end of a decades-long strategic partnership

Birce Bora