Neglect, regionalism and disappointment at Nahda's failure to meet people's expectations have all contributed to the latest wave of popular resentment in Tunisia

Sami Hamdi

If Russia fails to meet regional actors' expectations over Syria, Libya or Israel/Palestine, it will ruin its image as a credible partner

Alexey Khlebnikov

The decision to establish Yennayer as a holiday is part of a new approach towards Berber issues, as well as a bid for votes

Yassine Temlali

The only way for Egypt to recover from the death spiral it is now in is to reclaim its own leadership and sovereignty

David Hearst

Vulgar, racist, shocking, ignorant, yet hardly surprising: On Trump's remarks on migrants from Haiti and some African nations

Katie Miranda

The International Criminal Court could this year move from the preliminary examination phase into formal investigations of the 2014 Gaza war and West Bank settlements

Ben White

Netanyahu and Modi share a vision of the world that is based on an exclusive nationalism inspired by a very selective, even mythologised reading of the past

Peter Speetjens

Trump governs on gut instinct and eschews expertise - the less his administration does in the Middle East, the best for all

Chris Doyle

The current crisis exposes the weakness of Tunisia’s consensus-driven political landscape

Max Gallien

Efforts to criminalise criticism of Israel limit political discourse on important topics such as foreign policy, US attitudes toward human rights abroad and trivialise the rising threat of anti-Semitic sentiment

Ryan J Suto