A number of critics have grossly misrepresented Baroness Warsi's account of being a senior British Muslim politician

Peter Oborne

The unprecedented action is not just a bid for improved conditions, but a call for the most basic of human rights and treatment in Israeli prisons

Inas Abbad

Trump's ban and the jizya system of the early Islamic caliphates are two different concepts from different political systems with different values

Mustafa Salama

As Palestinians face Israeli-imposed water hardships, an Israeli firm makes money off extracting water from air to 'quench global thirst'

Belen Fernandez

Dear readers, which of these headlines is actually real?

Katie Miranda

The machinations to install a 31-year-old prince to the Saudi throne is a Verdi Opera in four acts

David Hearst

Desperate for a win after several embarrassing fails with fewer than 100 days in office, Trump aggressively targets Iran

Shahir Shahidsaless

A former defence minister's confirmation of Israeli collaboration with IS in Syria shows just how cynical Israel’s motives and choices can be

Richard Silverstein

Sudan has dropped Iran in favour of its Gulf allies and is growing closer to the US and UK. Is this a good thing for the Sudanese?

Omair Anas

Until Libyan parties compromise and countries stop interfering, the UN's help remains only as good as the nations that make it up

Guma el-Gamaty