It is appalling to use accusations against the Labour leader to cover up UK support for the dispossession of Palestinians

Ilan Pappe

Giving the UK a seat on the UN Security Council is like employing a gangster to serve as a judge

Mark Curtis

Admission that the state was likely in contact with Libyan groups linked to Manchester bombing raises fundamental questions about British links to terrorism

Mark Curtis

Nearly half of Americans still believe the war was legal - and it's easy to see why

CJ Werleman

Equating Lebanon with Hezbollah is a merely a way to pre-emptively excuse Israel for the impending mass slaughter

Belen Fernandez

Jews from Arab and North African countries suffered systematic discrimination when they arrived in Israel as a new documentary Salah – Here is Eretz Yisrael by David Deri explores

Ali Haider

The reaction to the killing of Palestinians in Gaza exposes double standards which also fail to call Netanyahu to account

Peter Oborne

The supreme leader's foreign policy is no less harmful to the economy than his domestic support for ultra-conservatives

Abraham Nematzadeh

Quick-fix US policy may have led to swift wins in Iraq and the retreat of the black standard in Syria - but these victories were superficial

James Snell

The country had already lost its way in the 20th century, and there are powerful signs that it could share the same fate in this century

Taha Ozhan