While all states came out as winners after this month’s trilateral strike, the escalation highlights a dangerous level of global volatility

Alexey Khlebnikov

Since the award-winning human rights activist’s arrest, state repression against government critics has reached new heights in the UAE

Joe Odell

Without Haftar's presence, there is an opportunity to directly involve the diverse groups under Operation Dignity in a process of reconciliation and peace-building

Tarek Megerisi

Erdogan's decision to hold surprise general and presidential elections in June leaves the opposition in disarray and opens the way for further concentration of his power

David Barchard

The Syrian regime is unlikely to tolerate the presence of Arab troops inside Syria the way it has the US military, and absent a mandate from the UN, the force would be treated as occupiers

Samer Abboud

The use of power in Israel is now divorced from accountability. Were the seeds sown back in 1948?

Eyal Chowers

Will Israel ever suffer a 'dictatorship'? Who will be the true friends of a future Israel? These, and other questions, answered

Lubna Masarwa

Neither zealous supporters of Assad nor those oblivious to ongoing mass atrocities have the capacity to generate a vision for Syria’s future

Taha Ozhan

The March of Return offers a great opportunity to rebuild the Palestinian national movement and stop the normalisation process between Israel and Arab states

Basheer Nafi

The West has built up its unparalleled armoury for one reason only - to protect its dominant world position. Syria is most likely where it will be used

Dan Glazebrook