With Russia acting as the key broker in Syria's reconstruction, it will inevitably position the Syrian government as the main distributor of reconstruction funds

Lina Khatib

If Congress re-imposed sanctions, Iranian radicals would push the moderates to respond by expanding Tehran's nuclear programme to perilous limits

Shahir Shahidsaless

Turkey has taken the military lead in Idlib and adopted a 'Russia outside, Turkey inside' policy in which it will assume control and responsibility for Idlib

Samer Abboud

As the 15 October deadline to certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement approaches, imposing new sanctions on Iran has strong support in Congress. Abandoning the nuclear deal in its entirety may not

Abraham Nematzadeh

Postponing local elections means that Tunisians are left with unelected and unaccountable local councils, but more importantly it poses a real threat to the only democratic transition in the Arab world

Intissar Kherigi

The current wave of arrests in Saudi Arabia is part of a larger pattern setting the stage for Mohammed Bin Salman to assume power under a new social contract. The consequences for the kingdom could be huge

Mustafa Salama

Boris Johnson accused his critics of having no knowledge or understanding of Libya, but his recent insensitive and crass statements do not reflect a deep understanding of the country either

Guma el-Gamaty

With the main party conferences now at an end, Palestinians can only hope that a future Labour government will recognise their pursuit of justice and freedom

Kamel Hawwash

Treating Muslims with contempt in wider politics is part of a pattern of behaviour by the Conservative Party

Peter Oborne

Four key factors shape the relations between the two countries: oil, Iran, religion, but the most important one lies in Washington

Alexey Khlebnikov