Iran's role as a Middle Eastern powerbroker is now beyond dispute, and British foreign secretary should use meeting with charismatic counterpart to reset relations

Peter Oborne

Israel deepens its involvement in Syria and increases its risk-taking in an extended policy of brinkmanship

Yossi Melman

Far from signalling a doomsday scenario, Trump has removed the emperor's clothes to reveal the farce of the peace process. Now what next for the Palestinians?

Noura Erakat

Trump’s policy is a toxic mixture of ignoring law, morality, blatantly harming America's wider national interests, humiliating the Palestinian national movement and ignoring Jerusalem's symbolic status for Muslims and Arabs

Richard Falk

The once group of six envisaged by Riyadh to be integrated around a Saudi-dictated consensus has now shrunk to a group of two hot-headed 'visionaries'

Andreas Krieg

If there is no price, Trump, like all bullies, will continue with his brutal ways and do far worse in future

Richard Silverstein

Whatever domestic constituency he is appealing to, Trump could not, and would not, have made his announcement without regional backers

David Hearst

Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may act as a catalyst for a reaction that has been waiting to occur

Azzam Tamimi

The fate of thousands of detainees under IS rule is still unclear even after the group was defeated

Haid Haid

In a macabre drama, Saleh's death has knocked back Saudi and Emirati attempts to undermine the Houthis

Ibrahim Al-Marashi