A new regional axis spearheaded by Turkey and Iran aims to put the Palestinian question at the forefront of its priorities

Nabil Ennasri

Feeble reaction, weak response, scared of angering Washington, this is how Arab governments responded to Trump's decision on Jerusalem

Ahmed Ramadan

With tension rising, Jordanian MPs are due to put the peace agreement signed in 1994 under review in a strong message to Israel

Mohammad Ayesh

Differences over Jerusalem show again that Theresa May’s rush across the Atlantic to hold hands with the new president was ill-judged. A Trump visit to the UK is a disaster waiting to happen

John Rees

The international community must respond to America's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by recognising the Palestinian state immediately

Grahame Morris

Trump's Jerusalem decision has the potential to derail efforts to present Iran as the main problem of the Middle East and put Saudi Arabia's friendship with Israel in the spotlight

Shahir Shahidsaless

Following Mubarak's overthrow, Egypt's liberals and Islamists lacked a vision on how to manage an orderly political transition and increasingly distrusted one another

Amr Hamzawy

The US president's performance on 6 December was nothing but an American tragedy or surrender

Taha Ozhan

The crackdown on rights and freedoms in the country under the name of maintaining stability has to come to an end

Khadidja Nemar

The US president's decision on recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a natural byproduct of decades of US posturing

Mohamad Elmasry