If the US cuts aid to Palestine, then it may force the Palestinians to have the political courage to stand up for what's right

Alaa Tartir

Facts on the ground have long contradicted the Western media's dedicated oversimplification of the Iranian panorama

Belen Fernandez

The latest protests in Iran may be small in scale but their effect will be far-reaching. The biggest victim may prove to be Hassan Rouhani

Mahan Abedin

One of the best things about Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party has been his challenge to the failed British foreign policy establishment

Peter Oborne

Depriving Russia of success ranks far higher in the order of priorities of the US and UK than shortening the war in Syria

Peter Ford

Israel’s founding father David Ben-Gurion once said about the Palestinians: 'The old will die and the young will forget.' How wrong was he about the Palestinian people

Kamel Hawwash

Meddling by outside powers has never worked to the advantage of domestic dissidents seeking real change

Richard Silverstein

A total US funding cut would mean a serious reduction in services and the complete halt of many of the education and health programmes for Palestinian refugees

Yara Hawari

We should move beyond the dichotomy of temporariness versus permanence, and recognise that refugees in camps do engage in home-making-without-a-home

Natalia Paszkiewicz

Calling for elections in Libya in 2018 without addressing the underlying causes of violence and instability is effectively putting the horse before the cart

Guma el-Gamaty