We own neither an inch of our old land, nor a single olive tree - but hope persists that one day, my grandmother’s old house key can be used again

Dr Inas Abbad

Those who shout loudest about Labour Party anti-Semitism have nothing to say about Israel maiming and killing unarmed protesters in Gaza

Peter Oborne

It is 70 years since the Nakba, when 750,000 were expelled or forced to flee from their homes in Palestine by Jewish gangs

Katie Miranda

Israel has lit a powder keg of provocation and deliberately so

Richard Silverstein

Iraqi voters have shown they want to turn a new page, and Sadr is much better placed to win Sunni support than any of the alternatives

Jonathan Steele

The outside world, with its shattered limbs and destroyed lives, had been surgically removed from the consciences of those at the US embassy in Jerusalem

David Hearst

In Jerusalem, Israel has consolidated its control by displacing Palestinians and ghettoising them into tiny spaces, yet, there is still time for the international community to reverse the damage

Yara Hawari

As Trump celebrates the relocation of his country’s embassy to Jerusalem, Israel should recognise that the next generation of Palestinians will never stop fighting back

Kamel Hawwash

Israel’s democratic farce is collapsing, but little can be done today to challenge this from within Zionist institutions

Marcelo Svirsky

The simplicity of her message about 'Islamic terror' is easily digested by Western masses in search of a convenient scapegoat

Belen Fernandez