The Emiratis can intervene in the region's conflicts, install dictators, and arrange coups. They can apply maximum force. They will never, however, govern with consent

David Hearst

Some may have thought UKIP was sliding into irrelevance, but one candidate vying to lead the party looks set to create the UK's first European-style, right-wing party focused on attacking Muslims

Peter Oborne

In the wake of tensions between the former adversaries-turned-allies, the former president appears to be signalling that he's ready to negotiate with his enemies. Or will this just lead to more fighting?

Hannah Porter

The Yazidi cause may have dropped from the headlines but their predicament is as urgent as ever

Gareth Browne

One MP's stunt points to a wider problem in Australian society's attitude towards Muslims

CJ Werleman

How Doha can play the tribal game that Riyadh has already started

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Changes in Turkish registration laws could bolster freedom and respect for personal beliefs

Basheer Nafi

For the first time, Jordanians will have elected local government officials - and, in a development that may cause concern for some of Jordan's allies, many will be members of the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamic Action Front

Mohammad Ayesh

An Australian MP's burqa-wearing stunt this week won't be last time this issue will come up. But under the veil of the Western preoccupation with head covering, what is this really about?

Sahar Ghumkhor

The idea of looking into the mirror in search of answers to political weakness does not exist in Iranian political culture. That's no clearer example than the 1953 coup against Mohammed Mossadeq

Mansour Farhang