The current socio-political environment in Egypt is repressive enough to produce even more tragedies

Omar Ashour

Attempts to shut down the BDS movement by claiming it is anti-Semitic are unfounded, and based on a worrying global campaign to criminalise criticism of Israel

Peter Speetjens

By the timing and the manner with which it handled Hariri's resignation, Saudi Arabia has overreached in Lebanon and its strategy has backfired

Basheer Nafi

Without a meaningful peace process in Syria backed by the West, a likely rebirth of IS could ultimately mean a greater terror threat to London, Paris, New York and Moscow

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

The restoration of dialogue of any kind between two bitter enemies would be a remarkable turnaround

David Barchard

The Saudis and their partners in crime have rained destruction on Yemen and presided over an impending famine

Belen Fernandez

More than two years into a disastrous war in Yemen, the coalition of ground forces assembled by the Saudis is showing signs of crumbling

David Hearst

Sir John Jenkins, once regarded as the foremost Arabist of his generation at the British foreign office, is now providing intellectual cover for Mohammed bin Salman's version of the Saudi monarchy

Peter Oborne

The ideology of assimilation through securitisation is simply not working

Tahir Abbas

It is time that Gaza has its own port to the free world again

Muhammad Shehada