The protests as they stand will not bring down President Rouhani, but if the poorest of the poor take to the streets then Iran itself could be in danger

Shahir Shahidsaless

The UAE has become a danger to itself and to the entire Arab region due to abhorrent policies pursued by its rulers

Soumaya Ghannoushi

Troops' record in Iraq is among the primary reasons why Britain is facing the greatest terrorism threat since the Irish 'Troubles'

Moazzam Begg

Aid dependency has stripped the Palestinian people of power to resist colonialism, apartheid and oppression. It's time to lay failed Oslo aid model to rest

Alaa Tartir

Lorde represents a new generation of globally aware individuals who are willing to learn, make up their own minds, and not be pressured by powerful oppressors

Nada Elia

Manifestations of disrespect toward the Saudi leadership are being expressed across the region due to its poorly managed foreign and regional policies

Mustafa Salama

After a year of breathless drama, those who thought they could rearrange the Middle East in their image and to their profit are only just waking up to the headache they have given themselves

David Hearst

This is how a regime of bullies rule: if you resist, you will be made an example of so that other Palestinians don't get any 'big ideas' into their heads to join the resistance

Richard Silverstein

We are experiencing the hyper-normalisation of Islamophobia and radicalisation yet we are no closer to fixing either

Tahir Abbas

Media defences of Israel have become so institutionalised that the situation is almost boring to discuss

Belen Fernandez