Spielman's speech is a statement of intent, a declaration of war, and a pre-emptive justification of the onslaught to come

Arzu Merali

The Israeli government is afraid of the kind of mobilisation that attracts intense scrutiny of its policy and challenges Israeli public opinion on a profound level

Bertrand Heilbronn

For the first time since the war started in 2015, the UAE, and not Saudi Arabia, appears to be leading the coalition on the ground

MEE correspondent

The US's new Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team aims to punish the Lebanese group for complicating the regional designs of the US and its buddies

Belen Fernandez

Israeli politicians falsely compare the actions of Arab leaders to the genocide of Jews in Europe – instead, Israelis must recognise that co-existence with Palestinians and its neighbours is possible, if we want it

Danny Rubinstein

Despite Damascus’ strong objection to Turkey's offensive in north-west Syria, Tehran is in principle not opposed to the latest Turkish incursion

Mahan Abedin

The bizzare turn of events that took place on the eve of the January uprising's seventh anniversary was a piercing reminder of the need to come together as one voice against military dictatorship

Rania Al Malky

To achieve its objectives in Afrin and Manbij, Turkey may have to make some political concessions to Russia or others

Basheer Nafi

Instead of counterproductive threats to keep US forces in Syria indefinitely, Americans should press Turkey to withdraw from Afrin

Jonathan Steele

The only reason why Gul seems to be considered by some opposition forces as an acceptable candidate for the presidency is simply that he is not Erdogan

Birce Bora