The Turkish president and other senior AKP officials appear to be big fans of the recent soap operas glorifying the Ottoman Empire. Coincidence or shrewd political calculation?

Dilly Hussain

Iranian leaders have been surprisingly vocal about the crisis in Myanmar. By reasserting its pan-Islamic credentials, the Islamic Republic hopes to overcome the sectarian mood generated by the Syrian conflict

Mahan Abedin

Muslims living in the West have been depicted as a threat to Western democratic values and as the dangerous 'other'

CJ Werleman

Activists on campuses across the United States are facing new threats from violent white supremacist organisations

Nada Elia

By launching a fresh wave of Islamist detentions, 1990s-style, the Saudi regime is intimidating the kingdom's most famous and well-known religious figures. The future king finds himself increasingly isolated

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Rumours are flying that a Saudi prince - maybe even Mohammed bin Salman - visited Israel last week. The visit has more implications for Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, than any future peace process

Richard Silverstein

Saudi Arabia's volatile decision-making and Iran's savvy strategic moves have put the Persian country on top

David Hearst

Myanmar is not the first regime committing ethnic cleansing and genocide whose military has been armed by Israel. Its oppression of the Palestinians is a 'field test' for others to crush their own indigenous people

Ahmad Moussa

World powers have strengthened their ties with Iran since the nuclear deal was signed. Now they should pressure Tehran to end its ruthless treatment of political prisoners

Raha Bahreini

Just a year after its launch, Mohammed bin Salman is already scaling back his headline strategy. Can he still achieve needed reforms and carry Saudis with him? The odds are lengthening

Bill Law